Akeneo Pim

Akeneo PIM is, in short, a Product Information Management (PIM) system that can be the central hub of a company’s product content and data. A simple and effective tool to create, manage and distribute content to multiple channels and every touchpoint for a customer. Think of it as your business’s source of truth for product data.

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The world of eCommerce and ERP is rapidly evolving and changing. Managing your product data simply and successfully is a crucial part of any business if you want to grow in the online space and maximise that growth to its full potential.

Akeneo Pim

With more channels and different avenues for reaching customers, a great customer experience is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s an urgent need. A great customer experience can’t happen without a compelling product experience — consistent product information delivered in context wherever, and whomever, your buyers are. And the more organised your data, the more efficient your internal processes will be.

Choosing Akeneo PIM for your business

It’s time to take the step into the world of PIM! Making it a win-win for all your key business operators and here’s why.

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Marketing Managers

A PIM makes marketing managers’ dreams come true. It allows for Better SEO, Better transformation rate and Lower return rate.

eCommerce Managers

We all know eCommerce managers want to see an increase in marketing team productivity, acquire more autonomy in product information management and manage items in one place.


Managing Directors

Improve time to marketOnboard more suppliersEnable a multichannel strategy

Take eCommerce to the next level

Akeneo PIM, Commerce & ERP Consultancy

It’s time to take control of your product data! Benefit from more online purchases, fewer returns, and expand into more marketplaces than previously thought. For businesses striving for the best product data, marketers, wanting to reach out to omnichannel audiences, or purchasing wanting to build relationships with suppliers an integrated Akeneo PIM, eCommerce and ERP is the right solution to help all stakeholders win.

Prevents your products from getting lost in translation.

When selling internationally, it’s important that your products are translated and converted properly to stop the information getting lost in translation.

Akeneo’s PIM solution integrates many popular translation agencies and tools including translations.com and textmaster to help retailers manage 3rd party translations within the PIM.

Akeneo will automatically track items and fields that need to be translated so that no incomplete records are published.

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    Akeneo PIM, Commerce & ERP consultancy

    Akeneo includes features to easily localise product data for international markets. Users can perform bulk actions to set US shoe sizes in US channels and European sizes in European locales and channels

    Akeneo ensures that those who are responsible for translating and localising product information only see and edit the information that needs to be edited.

    Before translating and localising your product information, you need to know what you are changing it to. Luckily, Akeneo has automated processes in place to make these changes.

    The ability to export the right information to the correct locale and channel using PIM software streamlines the product information management process to meet the demands of cross-border commerce. Thus, giving your business a better time to market!

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