A feature-rich website for one of the world’s leading data encryption companies.

Cubeitz offers the world’s first unified data management solution and is well established as a leader in the field of data encryption. With a range of powerful subscription-based services aimed at both businesses and individual users, the company required a modern new e-commerce site that would enable them to successfully showcase and sell their innovative solutions.

Selling the benefits of the ultimate data security solution.

Cubetitz was established in May 2011 with the vision of creating the ultimate data security solution. Today, it is an innovative cloud-based platform that provides individual users and businesses with everything they need to securely store and access their data from any authorised device, with seamless integration with popular cloud storage providers and powerful collaboration tools.

By 2018, the old website was looking dated and failed to accurately communicate the company’s unique cloud-based solutions. They needed a dynamic new website that did a better job of selling the benefits of their powerful platform, with built in e-commerce functionality to allow users to sign up and purchase a subscription directly through the site.

Modern design meets powerful functionality.

  • A clean and uncluttered mobile-first layout combined with strong messaging allows the visitor to quickly gain an understanding of the platform right on the homepage.
  • Built for high conversions, with dedicated landing pages targeting different users and sectors.
  • WooCommerce integration allows Cubeitz to sell a variety of subscriptions, while built-in live chat provides a convenient way for visitors to get help and speak with a specialist.
  • Built on WordPress API and WooCommerce, providing the client with powerful content and product management capabilities.

Delivering the ultimate user experience.

One of the main challenges of this project was successfully communicating the features and benefits of the Cubeitz platform. When landing on the site, it was essential that the user could quickly gain an understanding of the platform and find out more about the specific capabilities relevant to them.

As such, a lot of thought was put into the user experience and making it easy for the visitor to find and purchase the right subscription. By combining a clutter-free layout with strong messaging and prominent calls-to-action, the new site fully meets this brief and successfully sells Cubeitz as the market leader in data encryption.

Mobile-first design

The clean layout and mobile menu provide the look and feel of a native app, offering a sense of familiarity and making it easy for visitors to navigate around the site. The minimalist design provides a modern appearance and ensures blisteringly fast performance on all devices.

Subscription and affiliate network integration

WooCommerce allows Cubeitz to sell and manage subscriptions directly from the site, with full integration with their affiliate partner network. For a visitor, purchasing a subscription is as easy as adding it to the shopping cart and completing checkout.

Simple day-to-day management

The combination of WordPress and WooCommerce puts powerful page editing and inventory management at the client’s fingertips, thereby ensuring easy day-to-day management of the website.