Sunshine Gym.

Revamped eCommerce site for a leading supplier of outdoor gym equipment.

Part of the Broxap Group, Sunshine Gym are expert designers and installers of high-quality outdoor gym equipment. Although the company had a functional website using WordPress and WooCommerce, it was slow to load and had numerous elements that could be improved to provide higher conversions and a better browsing experience. It was time to take this eCommerce site to the next level.

An ultra-fast browsing experience – on every device.

When it comes to having an effective website, loading speeds are absolutely critical. Put simply, a slow website turns people away and makes them go to your competitors.

With this project, there was a significant opportunity to boost speeds and provide a better browsing experience on all levels. Our team set to work developing a modern, lightweight website with carefully crafted custom integrations that come together to produce a site that is faster than the competition.

A modern website with unparalleled speed.

  • Building on a current theme, we were able to take Google Page Speed scores from a pitiful average of 30 to 80+, boosting search engine rankings and improving UX.
  • Built to look great on all devices and screen sizes – from smartphones through to desktop computers.
  • Customised WooCommerce integration, allowing the visitor to add products to their basket and then either make an order directly through the website or receive a price quotation.
  • Hosted on our ultra-fast servers that are specifically designed to maximise the speed of WordPress websites.

Taking eCommerce to the next level.

WordPress with WooCommerce is a powerful combination that powers some of the world’s leading eCommerce sites. In the case of Sunshine Gym, we took this a stage further by adding a custom integrated quote-based system that allows the user to choose between purchasing online or simply getting a quote and submitting an enquiry.

Over 160%

By carefully building on a current WordPress theme, we were able to take Google Page Speed scores from a pitiful 30 to 80+, which is an increase of more than 160%. The result is great news for the user – and even better for the client.

Developed for a mobile world

We worked hard to ensure the site provides a great experience on every device. The site is fully responsive and automatically adapts to the screen size, delivering an engaging experience at all times.

Hosting made for WordPress users

While the site is built to offer unparalleled speed right out of the box, page speeds are boosted even further by our ultra-fast hosting that has been specifically optimised for WordPress. It’s a powerful combination that delivers real results.