Shopify eCommerce

Why you should choose aware to build your next Shopify eCommerce store.

Shopify design and Development. We have the ability to build high performing, conversation focused, functional and beautiful eCommerce platforms with Shopify.

Shopify Design

We love designing and building clean, elegant eCommerce stores and this is also something we love doing for Shopify. We appreciate that with any eCommerce website, it has to achieve clear and precise objectives. It has to also inspire brand advocacy and convert users into transactional customers.

Your Shopify store also needs to look great across all devices and provide an easy route for purchase. This is something aware strive to create with any ecommerce, including Shopify.

Performance Enhancing

With Shopify being a hosted solution, you can rest easy that server response times will always be fast. But there are still factors that make a huge difference between a well thought out, semantically structured website and one that has been patched together using archaic practices.

Once we have built your Shopify store we start to test for optimisations, using advanced compression techniques, minifying code and compressing images. Every millisecond counts in web, especially for SERP ( Search Engine Results Page ) and your visitors.