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The UK’s leading Hyvä Adobe Commerce (Magento) Agency. It’s time to take the next step with Aware as your Magento agency. Building your site on Hyvä to achieve page speeds never before seen in a Magento 2 build.

Expert Hyvä Developers

We’re proud to be partners with Hyvä Themes, a brand-new frontend for Magento 2 with the best Dev Experience, Performance, and Time to Market.

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Hyvä: Magento to the Max

When you need unrivalled performance, flexibility and speed on the Magento platform, Hyvä Themes delivers on all fronts. More than just a Magento theme, it’s a complete Magento frontend solution that’s been expertly built from the ground up to deliver lightning fast page loading times, first-rate development speed and flexibility, ease of maintenance and much more.

As expert Hyvä developers and a Hyvä Partner Agency, we work with Hyvä Themes day in, day out to craft world class Magento 2 stores that help you transform your eCommerce experience and maximise your potential. It’s Magento 2 taken to the next level.

Why Hyvä Themes?

Hyvä is built to offer simplicity, quality and performance. The result is lightning fast performance, easy maintenance, superior flexibility and faster development times.

Support and help

Unrivalled Performance

A lightweight code base means Hyvä Themes delivers Google Pagespeed scores never before seen in Magento 2 – for better search engine rankings and a superior user experience.

Helping B2C Support

More Flexibility, Reduced Complexity

Hyvä is based on AlpineJS, delivering great design and flexible customisation options without the baggage. It’s been built from the ground up for performance.

Magento Support and Help Shout!

Faster Development Speed

Quite simply, Hyvä is a developer’s dream. Being lean and less complex means projects can be delivered faster, while maintaining superior quality and true flexibility. It’s fast in all senses.

The benefits of Hyvä and Aware

Great things happen when you choose Hyvä Themes and trust Aware as your Magento agency.


Award winning agency

We’re an award-winning digital agency who strive to help every customer on Magento.

Hyvä partners

We know Hyvä inside out, creating world-class eCommerce experiences. We’re not just a supplier, we’re a Hyvä partner.

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Certified Magento developers

Working with Magento since 2011, we’ve built our reputation on delivering even the most complex projects.

More than Magento

From strategy through to ongoing support and maintenance, we’re here to support your eCommerce journey.

Fast, lean and mean.

The Magento of your dreams

Hyvä has taken the Magento world by storm, taking speed, flexibility and ease of maintenance to the next level.

That’s core web vitals passed.

With the UK’s leading Hyvä Adobe Commerce agency. The numbers speak for themselves.

Hyvä delivers blazing fast loading times and superior design for the ultimate user experience.

Performance meter going up to 100 of 100
Accessibility meter going up to 100 of 100
Best Practicies meter going up to 100 of 100
SEO meter going up to 100 of 100
Hyvä Themes

The future of the Magento frontend

Light, lean, flexible, powerful, we’re proud to be working with the future of the Magento frontend.

Hyva - Aware - Magento

Create new market opportunities

It’s time to break the mould and stretch your eCommerce legs.

We work with leading web technologies to deliver eCommerce experiences that are fast, flexible, robust and easy to maintain. From start-up to established business, get in touch today to find out how Hyvä and Aware can help you maximise your eCommerce potential.

Look to create a new oppurtunity with a Hyvä build and get Magento commerce pricing from Aware to see where your journey will start.

An Award Winning eCommerce agency

We’re a Magento Commerce solution partner, focusing on must-have features for your next eCommerce platform, built with Hyvä.

We’re here to deliver your next Hyvä project. We’ll never promise something that we can’t deliver or make unnecessary demands on your budget on whichever eCommerce platform you choose.

We want your business to grow on Magento with our Hyvä development team to help your business succeed in the online space. We work hand in hand alongside your business and like to think of ourselves as an extension of your company. In short, we like to think our success ends with you.

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    eCommerce that grows with you – any size, any place

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Adobe Magento Commerce, the eCommerce platform that grows with your business.

    Cutwel Magento 2 Commerce

    Start your journey with a multi-channel eCommerce platform that supports both B2B and B2C customers on a single platform. From catalog to payment to fulfilment, the Magento 2 platform has future-proof technology that gives you a commerce platform that’s endlessly flexible, extensible, and scalable.

    Adobe Commerce has powerful tools to let you confidently launch, manage, and scale your business, including the ability to host multiple instances on one platform, and cloud deployment. Meanwhile, native integrations with Adobe products like Analytics, Target, Experience Manager, and Creative Cloud help take personalisation to the next level.

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