Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

Finding the right Magento partner to work with for your Magento 2 migration, or new build eCommerce is key to success in both development, process and launch.

Stop wasting money on Magento 1

It’s time to stop spending money on your Magento 1 install and look to the future. Magento is the most successful open source ecommerce platform available powering over 200,000 sites!

Upgrade now - Helping you to upgrade

Look to the future

Magento 2 is pushing the boundaries in technology and eCommerce to help you migrate and feel comfortable. With both optimised coding and the latest code stack, allowing us to create an even better eCommerce for your business.

Learn about Magento
Time to upgrade

Magento 1 Support has ended.

It’s time to take that step and upgrade your eCommerce system for the security, speed and UX enhancements.

It’s time to take the next step.

We have some top reasons to upgrade to Magento 2 and we know you’ll love them.

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Optimised theme

Build from the ground up every theme from Aware offers brilliant speeds for Google Page speed Insights and your customers. Meaning you’re more likely to keep each customer engaged without them dropping from your site.

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Improved B2B UX

Never worry about admin graphs again. Magento 2 has all the business intelligence you need right at your fingertips. From the main dashboard you can access a trove of information about your Magento store with ease.

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Two step checkout

Gone are the days of customers dropping in the checkout steps because it’s overly complicated. Magento 2 has 2 step checkout right out of the box and guest sign up after checkout.

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Full Page Cache

Baked into every Magento 2, FPC (Full Page Cache) not offers a level of caching like never before seen. Meaning less server load, saving people time and you money.

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Easier maintenance and upgrades

Streamlined code means giving us, the developers the chance to upgrade modules and Magento with ease. Allowing testing at every step of the way and automated deployments are just the beginning.

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More features

There are far more features out of the box than you might imagine. Learn more about Magento here or if you’d like to get in touch to learn more please feel free to do so, we’re always happy to advise.

Our Magento 2 Upgrades

Some of the clients we’ve helped to upgrade to Magento 2

AIF London
Alpaca Clothing Co
Hoist and Winch
Nemesis Now
GS Tools and Timber

Magento 1 to 2 Costs.

Just like every business, every Magento store is unique to you.

Migration to Magento 2 does not necessarily cost the same as a re-platform. However the process of getting to Magento 2 is not just an upgrade – it’s a real opportunity to look at cleansing the data, re-evaluating functionality, remove redundancy & legacy code, or any other aspects of the website that are not critical to the business.

It is an excellent opportunity to revisit your site design; Magento 2 is built on a mobile first framework, a future-proofed platform that will enable you to realise the true potential of a fully responsive site to engage shoppers at every stage of their day.

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How the Magento 2 Migration works

Upgrading takes into account a minimum of 3 processes.

Magento Extensions

We know that most stores have extensions to help with functionality. We analyse what you currently have and find the perfect fit to help you make the move to Magento 2 without loss of use.

Data migration icon

Data Migration

Data doesn’t just happen, but luckily Magento have created a flexible tool to help with the process. Meaning your data moves from 1 to 2 seamlessly giving you peace of mind at the end of the process.

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Theme and customisation

Magento 1 themes currently don’t work with Magento 2. So we write all the code from the ground up to offer your business the best performance and solution. Not compromising on any aspect.

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