Adam Lowndes Photography

An engaging website for one of Staffordshire’s top wedding photographers.

Redefining the digital experience.

Redefining Adam’s digital experience was a brief that involved all areas of Aware Digitals expertise.

UX, strategy and design, through to WordPress development and of course the client relationship.

From the outset, our team’s vision was to harness the enchanting and visually epic experience that Adam offers at every wedding and take it online.

UX, Strategy and Design

Creating a highly engaging website that delivers an unparalleled user experience on all devices.

It’s all about the experience

Customer touch points were key to success.

As well as successfully showcasing his incredible work, the new site needed to reflect Adam’s unique personality and convey the personal touch that is so essential to his success.

Adam’s brand offers a high-quality experience in each element of customer contact, from the diverse range of customer satisfaction through to the breath-taking wedding photography. The new site truly reflects this and takes his online presence to a whole new level.

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The little things matter.

A personal touch.

“Their personal touch and attentiveness to reply to all communication is a real missing feature to a lot of other web design agencies.” – Adam Lowndes

WordPress Optimisation

Hitting that sweet spot between UX and speed.

Google Lighthouse Page Speed

Built from the ground up.

The minimalist design emphasises Adam’s photography and allows his incredible work to take centre stage. With not only UX at its core, the site is built as a Progressive Web App (PWA) to provide a native app-like experience on mobile devices, with the ability to easily add the app to the home screen.

By using an intuitive WordPress CMS makes it super simple to update the site and offers full control of things like portfolio content, testimonials and blog posts, which Adam updates on a regular basis.

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An increase of 220%

Our use of innovative technologies boosted the site’s Google Page Speed score from a pitiful 30 out of 100 to over 90 on an average check, delivering a blisteringly fast mobile experience, enhancing search results and UX.

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Modern content

Serving content for the next generation of browsers. Speed is critical for the mobile web and serving large images for Adam was key. Luckily, writing a bespoke ‘.webp’ enhancement allowed Adam to showcase his work without compromising on loading times.

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Higher Conversions

After upgrading from an older version of WordPress and theme, Adam’s new site saw and increase of over 75% on his overall conversions. People loved the new information available and how easily they could find and view it.

PWA: The future, today.

Install it on your device and enjoy the feel of a native app.

Thinking of the future and Adam’s keen use of the latest technologies, we saw the opportunity to develop the site as a Progressive Web App (PWA). This means the site offers a native app-like experience right from the browser, including the ability for users to install the web app on their device’s home screen with just the touch of a button.

The result is a site that delivers an unparalleled user experience and allows Adam to offer a native app-like interface without needing to develop a separate application.

It all starts with a wow

Adams clients love his website

We’re proud to help a small business have such an outstanding online presence. Whether the company is big or small we always take pride in what we do.

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