AIF London – Magento 2

Migrating the AIF London site from Magento 1 to Magento 2, with redesign and custom functionality.

Overseeing a comfortable transition to Magento 2.

A new online presence built for the future.

Based in London, Adventures in Furniture are an independent furniture retailer renowned for their beautiful collection of sustainable, thoughtfully designed furniture pieces catering for a contemporary lifestyle.

With an existing eCommerce site running on Magento 1, the company was concerned about the many security implications of Magento 1 end-of-life and required an experienced agency to oversee a seamless migration to Magento 2.

An online shopping experience as beautiful as the furniture itself.

As well as handling the full migration of the website and data to Magento 2, we saw an opportunity to improve the user experience and craft a fresh online presence better optimised for conversions.

A seamless migration.

An out-of-date website brings many different problems, including PCI compliance and a greatly increased risk of getting hacked. AIF London were concerned about all of these things and quickly recognised it was time to make the move to a more modern eCommerce platform.

After identifying Magento 2 as the best solution for their needs, we oversaw the entire migration of the website and data over to Magento 2.

The company has an extensive product range and complex data set incorporating customer, sales and catalogue data, so this certainly required some very careful planning and implementation. What’s more, many of the company’s products are configurable, with a range of options spanning size, colours, materials and so on.

Thankfully, our team are experts in all things Magento and are well versed in dealing with complex data. This ensured we could deliver a smooth and seamless migration with minimal downtime.

Adventures In Furniture advanced search

An immersive experience.

A thoroughly modern online presence that takes full advantage of Magento 2 and delivers the ultimate customer experience.

Understanding the customer journey.

Better usability, higher conversions.

Working closely with the AIF London team, we delved deep into the customer journey and set to work designing a fresh new site that would take both usability and conversions to the next level.

Using the new website, customers are able to quickly and easily find their dream furniture – whether by searching, using the mega menu, or just browsing through the different collections. Click on an item and you’ll find comprehensive information about the product, with logical configuration options that make it easy for the customer to customise the pieceto suit their home.

Adventures In Furniture product information

Just some of the features

Utilising the full power of the world’s best eCommerce Platform – Magento 2.

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Custom Page Builder

Using our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, the client is able to quickly and easily update page content and layouts – with no code required.

Advanced Shipping

Advanced Shipping

Shipping is automatically calculated based on the customer’s postcode, with support for dynamic weight-based shipping to futureproof the site.

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Configurable Products

Customers can click on a product and quickly choose from a range of intuitive options to create their dream item of furniture.

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