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We help you craft meaningful and valuable digital products & eCommerce websites that create a positive impact on people’s lives.

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UX, UI & Design

In a world of full service agencies, our mission and goal is to empower people to create the best possible user experiences that deliver positive change.

We pride ourselves in being an independent, boutique agency, offering a bespoke and tailored service to all our clients. We believe that customer insights is key to success, in collaboration and doing what we are passionate about.

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UX, Design & How we work

We Love eCommerce and making it work for every customer. That’s why we’re on brand, quick to share and collaborative from start to finish.

Collaboration - Working as a team on UX


We work in a collaborative approach making sure key project stakeholders are involved from the start.

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Quick to share

We share work when we hit key mile stones to help with visualisations, keeping you up to date with work.

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On Brand

We integrate ourselves into your brand, working closely with your design, development and marketing teams.

User Experience in eCommerce

UX and eCommerce hand in hand.

To put it simply, UX has an important role in trying to fulfil the user’s needs. It aims to provide positive experiences that keep users loyal to the product or brand. Additionally, a meaningful user experience allows you to define customer journeys on your website that are most critical to business success.

User Experience

It’s more than just looking good, it’s eCommerce that converts.

Aware UX in eCommerce

Because UX is what delivers user satisfaction.

Customer-first philosophy is embedded within our own creative process and is a core part of the collaborative approach to work we take our clients. The solutions we create are based on the fine balance of customer need and integrated with business goals resulting in experiences that attract, engage and allow customers to interact with what is in front of them.

Our strategically driven wireframe and design process begins with the breaking down the core principles within your business ensuring we build a picture of the entire customer experience. Start to finish.

Through a combination of your own audience insight, our research and our expertise, we can form the core of the customer experience strategy that shapes the subsequent creative and UX design phase.

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Smarter UX and Design for eCommerce

We’ll take the time to talk you through the different routes and options available for your eCommerce store. Whatever the platform.

Our Design & UX Services

Top reasons to use us for your eCommerce, Magento Design & UX services.

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We focus on your current digital brand experience. This provides us with an introduction to your brand and your digital offering.

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Our designers create valuable, immersive experiences that are intuitive to users’ needs and centred around UX best practise as a core principle of design.

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You might have a spine-tingling idea for a new feature that looks like genius on paper – but will it actually attract users? Before you risk your budget on it, we can test the concept.

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eCommerce Guides

We can work with existing brand styles or create new style guides that will keep your website consistent and on brand.

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UX Support

Our support guarantee’s brand consistency across every touchpoint. This could be exciting new features, banners, campaign pages and even icons. Brand consistency builds consumer loyalty.

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First hand customer feedback is the key to a great digital experience. Through a variety of testing methods, we can create specific user journeys to test, inform and improve your digital experience.

Collaborative and on Brand

Enjoy the support of an agency that cares about its clients. Working hand in hand to help your business grow.

Balanced UX eCommerce

Creating eCommerce experiences that wow is great! But having perfect balance is key to any success.

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Your website should not only inform your customer but also excite, bringing peoples shopping experiences to life. We believe creating a design lead system that promotes your products, ethos and experience.

Taking our knowledge of UX and Design in eCommerce, we can identity the potential issues that might hinder your customers from completing a straight forward task, such as checking out or adding a product to cart. Our experience can produce better performance, increased conversations and improved user experience.

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