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Our support packages cover development as well, so you can use your hours to improve your site performance whenever you need it.

We’re always there for moments that no-one could have predicted.

Our technical support is proactive, flexible and responsive, meaning you can get on with the business of running your Magento store with greater certainty. When you contact us either online or by phone, you get access to our professional, friendly and responsive technical support team, that will also work on urgent tickets tirelessly and transparently until issues are resolved.

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Supporting your business in a Proactive and responsive manor.

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Supporting a business shouldn’t just be waiting for issues and things to go wrong. Being proactive over reactive is always best. At Aware we constantly carry out maintenance, monitoring and identification of potential issues, solving them before they go wrong. It’s just what we do.

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At Aware we know that every business is unique and has its own requirements. Just like in every day life not one person is the same, that’s why we offer a variety of different levels of service which can suit your business requirements. Your eCommerce doesn’t have to break the bank.

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We’re a team of proactive workers, but we’re always responsive to any request you as a business might put forward. Whether you get in touch by phone, email or our ticketing system. Critical issues can be quickly assessed and fast-tracked with clear timelines for resolution.

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Support Plan’s

Although we take every measure to prevent critical incidents, they sometimes do arise. As the saying goes, s**t happens!

Therefore we have a dedicated support team available via phone or email, who are there to work on any urgent tickets that may crop up. We understand the importance of comprehensive support in these difficult times and work tirelessly to resolve your issue and keep you updated while doing so.

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Using powerful software that allows you to excel and put your customers first.

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We’re transparent. We talk regularly with our clients and we do it using Plain English.

Supporting business

We listen first.

We have a wealth of eCommerce experience to help keep your site on-trend with current developments. We know that each business has its own needs and we can offer a package that provides the level of service your business requires.

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Giving your customers, better UX and retention.

Helping to grow


Helping you to grow and manage your global sales.

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Learn more with better monitoring tools.

Scale and Grow


Grow your online store like never before.

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Go to market and build with ease & confidence.

Helping B2B


Helping B2B business market and grow.

Helping B2C Support


Easier point to market for B2C enabling better sales.

Support for your business


Helping with those critical issues and enhancements.

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