Social Media Marketing

Reach your customers in new ways.

A vital tool for your marketing arsenal

Every business needs a social presence.

The UK spends an average of 2 hours a day on social media. What better way to reach your customers than in a social setting where they’re ready and waiting to see your content. Social media provides an opportunity to reach customers in new and exciting ways.

Anyone can use social media to promote their business but the key is refining your strategy to maximise its potential. That’s where we come in. Our social media marketing services can take your social media performance to the next level and ensure you’re making the most of everything it has to offer.

Set goals and exceed them.

Building brand awareness, increase website traffic, promote products, secure sales and provide support.

Social media as a marketing tool

Social media marketing allows you to engage with your customers in intelligent ways. It’s more than just showcasing your products, it’s a platform to get to know your customers, understand what they’re after, gain their trust and let them experience your brand personality.

Using social media marketing in eCommerce provides the opportunity to connect with customers in creative ways. By socialising with customers through engaging, informative and inspiring content, you can generate new leads, increase conversion and put your brand at the centre of the conversion.

Social media marketing services

Comprehensive Product Information

Account audit

A full review of current social media platforms with informative insights and suggestions for increasing performance.

Social media strategy

Social media strategy

A bespoke strategy built to utilise social media to reach specific goals and targets.

Paid social media advertising

Paid social media advertising

Set up and maintenance of a robust social media schedule that focuses on meeting KPIs.

Content creation and delivery

Content creation and delivery

Generation and delivery of content in line with a comprehensive and performance centred schedule.



Monitoring of current performance with ideas and suggestions for further optimisation.

Social media platform management


Utilise our experience to optimise day-to-day activity as well as long term strategies and campaigns.

How can Aware Digital help?

We’re digital marketing experts with an eye for optimising social media performance.

We treat all of our clients on an individual basis. We will discuss your current approach and where you want your social media marketing to take your business. Whether it’s day-to-day platform management, handling paid marketing or consulting on how to improve performance, we can support you and your business to achieve great things.

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