Your site speed matters.

WordPress Speed & Performance Optimisation

53% of mobile site visits leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. Fact

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“While more than half of overall web traffic comes from mobile, mobile conversion rates are lower than desktop.”

– Google Analytics Data, Q1 2016


Site speeds and downtime can negatively affect your Google rankings and ability to be seen by potential customers, whilst slow sites can put those same potentials off using your site and converting.

DoubleClick by Google found 53% of mobile site visits leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load, and Google advice strongly urges businesses to be aware of slow site responses as It also slows the Google crawler, which hurts crawl efficiency and leads to fewer pages being indexed.” If the Google crawler doesn’t index pages, those pages can’t rank on Google search results.

We’re focused on speed optimised WordPress websites.

We’re qualified to manage this

Being born from award-winning agencies, we have real-world experience growing and managing CMS based websites, focused on delivering blisteringly fast, high converting WordPress websites.

Our WordPress experience means we have the end-to-end view necessary to diagnose, fix and offer improvements on issues with site performance thoroughly and efficiently.


It all starts with a meeting, whether we sit down for a coffee or a phone call. We need to accurately define the scope and goals of the audit, to understand your concerns and plan how together, we can address them and get them fixed for your WordPress.

Lets look at some example areas of investigation:

  • Checking the caching configuration

  • Testing the front end theme rendering times

  • Profiling core page types such as product, category list and checkout pages

  • Analysing your server and overall website infrastructure. We can then offer a technologies recommendations.

  • Diving into the error log reporting to spot recurring issues

  • A full extension review to understand if inefficient deployment of extensions is causing conflicts and slowing your site

  • Looking at your media repositories to understand if further optimisation can be achieved

  • Understanding your Content Delivery Network strategy and offering performance optimising advice


  • Frequent website downtime

  • Poor response times

  • Problem pages affecting your sales funnel

  • Concerned your server infrastructure is mismanaged

  • Feel caught between your hosting and agency

  • Do you have concerns over the quality of code

Poor coding standards can affect your ability to safely and efficiently upgrade, and can lead to downturns in site performance.