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Leave your competitors in the dust and grow that competitive advantage using our certified Magento developers and specialists.

Magento makes it possible.

Utilising all the functionality any retailer could dream of or ever need.

We’re Magento certified developers through and through. Working with eCommerce businesses closely to equip them with the functionality Magento has to offer. You name it Magento can do it.

We’ve worked with Magento since early 2010 producing great projects for both Agencies and internal teams alike. Our team now works closely with Magento 2 to create bespoke look and feel solutions to meet both client and customer expectations.

We like to think we know Magento inside out, that’s why we create advanced custom functionality tailored to each project outlined by a brief. Giving a greater performance and scalability. We’re always happy to take on anything.

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B2B Working Together

B2C eCommerce needs to be competitive, flawless and fast paced.

We engage customers with simple and easy to use touch points, quickly allowing customers to move from interest to purchase of the product in a split second avoiding that bounce that any retailer never wishes to see.

Growing your current business or established, then Magento can cover both. Meeting the needs of the many, not the few. While having the ability to handle large amount of SKU’s and Categories with ease. Opening your business up to the possibilities of a global market with the ease of all your products in one admin area.

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B2B eCommerce websites just got easier with Magento.

Working alongside all industries, including leading manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. Offering highly customised Magento solutions that fit business need.

Every B2B business requires that integration between warehouse and backroom office. This is also the case for every business website. Using the power of Magento, we have the ability to connect and integrate your eCommerce with any CRM, ERP and product information system, to make sure that business runs as smoothly as possible and continues as usual, let’s keep things running smoothly.

B2B eCommerce is on a different level, unlike B2C your customers are more likely to be repeat businesses. Making the right first impression counts. At Aware Digital our team of Magento developers have the ability to create tailored shopping experiences for each business. Helping to streamline your connections with your clients allowing you to build your relationship that could lead to a lifetime of sales.

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Empower your business

Magento 2 Development

Use the power of our team and Magento 2, accelerating your eCommerce online growth and functionality that other retails can only dream of.

Move to Magento 2

Business growth matters, so if you’re looking for that change, we’ll help you each step of the way. Taking you from any eCommerce platform to Magento 2, as well as upgrading you from Magento 1.

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It all starts with an idea.

Grow your business on the Magento platform.

We love working hand in hand with businesses to help them achieve their goals. We love making things work.

We’re here to help with growth and change.

Easy, stress free migration from other platforms to Magento

Making the switch couldn’t be easier, by choosing Aware digital, we’ll help you make that seamless switch from your current platform to Magento with ease. We’ll make sure to guide you through every step of the way by defining your requirements from the get-go.

We’ll design you a new user interface that we know performs well, whether your a B2B or B2C business. We’ll transfer your full catalogue of products without hesitation and make sure they go into the Magento system smoothly, ensuring we protect your SEO while at the same time enhancing and improving.

Every core feature that is business-critical we’ll make sure is there and anything else that helps you to sell online we’ll add. After we’ve helped move you to the Magento platform it’s time to relaunch, where we’ll be right by your side.

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