Our services in eCommerce UX

All you need to know about how we work and how we'll improve your customers digital experience.

We believe that eCommerce websites need to be quick, easy to use but look great too.

Utilising the latest compression techniques, great hosting and efficient platforms we can build and design an eCommerce website that not only looks great but converts visitors to customers with ease.

Our designers love to design truly unique but intuitive eCommerce websites.

We love to utilise the best platforms that match your requirements perfectly.

Choosing the right platform is something our team can assist with to ensure you select the right platform but we often utilise both Magento (1 and 2), Shopware, Shopify and Woocommerce for ecommerce projects.

Our developers and digital strategists can help you decide.

10 years

Humble beginnings to a renowned digital experts.

Working hand in hand with leading brands for agencies, freelance projects and internal companies has taught us lots. Winning awards for eCommerce sites / team work and communication.

Work with us

The Usual Questions

Why we are fully remote?

100% - We're fully remote for three good reasons.

1. It allows aware. to employ people from a variety of locations, giving us a wider pool of the best developers and designers.

2. Remote keeps our costs down, handing the cost savings on to you.

3. Helping our employees is always on the top of the list for job satisfaction, and we feel this is the way forward.

Will we take on your current site?

You bet we will. Lets make it better.

We work with all sorts of legacy projects, helping clients realise the potential of their current site. UX and UI is a key adgender at the moment, and we want to help achieve the best for your current site, or any future endeavours you might undertake.

Do you have work spaces?

We have great places to meet.

Having spaces for meetings is great for our team and business. It also offers clients the chance to come to us, and see our way of working. It also gives the whole team chance to meetup when needed.

Will you do white label for us?

We'll build it for you.

Building white label sites for Magento, Wordpress, Shopware or Shopify is always on the cards. If your agency is fully stacked out and missing deadlines because of it we can pick-up the slack. We work hand in hand with top technologies to support agencies looking for help.