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Magento Audits


Magento audits for code and security

Magento audits are a core part of our services, especially for Magento migrations and upgrades. The main goal? To improve the efficiency and functionality of your Magento store through analysing how the platform is functioning and where issues can be resolved.

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Resolving issues

We offer three different types of Magento audit, meaning it can be tailored to your business requirements and focus on the areas that matter most.


A Magento audit is a great way to ensure your Magento eCommerce store maintains peak integrity and scalability. Find out more today.

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Magento eCommerce Store Evaluation

Maximising performance, usability and more.

As well as the Magento Build Audit, which focuses on the core platform, we also perform a supplementary Magento Performance Audit. This focuses on website performance, including server settings. Being Magento Certified Developers, we complete the audit and offer you insights and recommendations in collaboration with your Project Manager and Account Manager.

While the different Magento audits we offer can expose technical issues with the website build quality, technical performance, visual issues and any security gaps, there are also a myriad of additional things to consider. These are some examples:

These are just a few of the additional aspects to investigate throughout the eCommerce auditing process, and these are areas where our Magento engineers and Magento Marketing team can help.

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Magento Security and Audits

It’s time to break the mould and stretch your eCommerce legs.

The security of your Magento shop, like that of any other eCommerce website, is crucial. Regular updates and fixes are required to avoid breaches, which an Aware Magento Security Audit may help with.

Aware Digital customers receive security fixes and upgrades as they become available on our security plan. New clients with legacy sites will need to have a security assessment performed to identify any possible security risks.

Have complete peace of mind knowing that your site is secure and your consumer data is safe with Aware Digital.

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Choosing Aware to audit your website

Technical audits of your Magento website

Our Magento audits were created by professional, certified Magento developers. As a Magento growth agency and one of the largest exclusive Magento firms in England, we’ve seen all of the shortcuts and tricks that Magento developers might use, as well as the often-fatal implications on the reliability of your Magento site. Magento audits are critical to the success of any online store. Small code errors or poor practices can lead to issues such as recurring bugs or something more severe causing failures such as downtime or a security vulnerability.

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