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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Sophisticated CRO strategies for eCommerce success

As the cost of acquisition continues to rise and your shoppers’ patience and attention are increasingly tested, all merchants should be considering conversion rate optimisation.  Whether you’re looking to streamline the customer journey, reduce friction during the buying process or simply understand what your customers want, we can work with you to create a CRO plan that gets you results.

Sophisticated CRO strategies for eCommerce success

A good CRO strategy starts by identifying the problem points your customers face, using both quantitative and qualitative data points.

Once identified, a clear roadmap should be created to allow for a thorough testing programme to commence, focusing on the areas that will bring you the most growth.

It’s crucial to streamline the feedback loop between your marketing reporting and development requirements.

By choosing Aware Digital, you can taking advantage of a fully integrated marketing and development team which can get your results fast.


Our CRO services

Data validation & tracking

A full and thorough review of your data points including GA, data layer values and tracking pixels to ensure that your conversion points are being collected as intended.

User feedback

Removing anecdotal evidence and bias from your website’s feedback, we discover the issues your users are facing and highlight the main areas losing your business revenue.

Heatmapping & UX

Sophisticated tracking of your website to enrich the qualitative and qualitative data with real examples of problem points throughout the customer journey.

Heuristic evalation

An impartial review of your website, with recommendations against best practice and clear steps that can be taken to improve your website.

A/B testing

Ongoing, iterative A/B and multivariate testing based on data-driven hypotheses and measured by validated conversion tracking to find a clear wins.

Integrated development

Unlike most CRO agencies, we are able to lean on a team of front and back end developers to ensure that all work is streamlined and tested.

Why CRO is so important.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) should be a crucial addition to any merchants marketing and development roadmap.  It allows you to lower the ever increasing costs of acquisition by getting more value out of your existing website visitors.

For instance, a website with 2000 visitors generating 200 conversions a month returns a conversion rate of 10%.  By improving the conversion rate to 15%, the very same number of visitors generates 300 conversions a month without any additional acquisition costs.

The most successful CRO programmes are always moving forward and making improvements from a continuous roadmap of iterative testing, feedback loops and the want to create a better experience for their customers. 

Magento 2 developers

Getting started with CRO

To improve your conversion rate, you need to establish a current benchmark.  By ensuring all of your user data is tracking correctly, you can move forward with the confidence that all of your decisions will be made with precision.

To identify problem areas, a combination of qualitative and quantitive feedback is collected to provide an unbiased picture of how your website is being received by your visitors.

Once this is collated, we can map out which areas are likely to provide the biggest returns if optimised and create an extensive yet realistic plan of tests to carry out and monitor for success before implementing for all users.

Data tracking & validation

Qualitative user feedback

User journey & heatmapping

Hypotheses testing

Feedback & implementation

Why work with Aware Digital?

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