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Magento Migration

Migrate to Magento / Adobe Commerce

Unlock the full potential of your eCommerce store by migrating to Magento, the world's leading eCommerce platform.

It’s time to take that next step with your eCommerce and look at moving to a more robust, scalable solution – Magento.  

eCommerce migration to the max with Magento or Adobe Commerce.

Magento 2 pushes the boundaries in technology and eCommerce to help you migrate and feel comfortable doing so. With both optimised coding and the latest code stack, it allows us to create an even better eCommerce for your business.



Talk to Aware to learn about the benefits of Magento and Hyvä.

Great things happen when you choose Hyvä Themes and trust Aware as your Magento agency.

Taking the next step in your eCommerce journey with the Magento platform

We have some top reasons to upgrade to Magento 2, and we know you’ll love them.

Optimised theme

Build from the ground up, every theme from Aware offers brilliant speeds for Google Page Speed Insights and your customers. You’re more likely to keep each customer engaged without them dropping from your site. Every theme developed is based on the Hyvä theme for Magento, allowing blistering speed and improved upgradability.

Improved B2B UX

Never worry about admin graphs again. Magento 2 has all the business intelligence you need right at your fingertips. You can easily access a trove of information about your eCommerce store from the main dashboard, showing sales, customers and more. Making life easier for your eCommerce team, life is just so much easier.

Two-step checkout

Gone are the days of customers dropping out of the checkout steps because it’s overly complicated. Magento 2 has 2-step checkout right out of the box, meaning better UX, Ui and CX by offering guests sign up after checkout.

Full Page Cache

Baked into every Magento 2, FPC (Full Page Cache) offers a level of caching like never before. The result? Less server load, saving you both time and money.

Easier maintenance and upgrades

Streamlined code allows us as the developers the chance to upgrade modules and Magento with ease. Allowing testing at every step and automated deployments are just the beginning.

More features

There are far more features out of the box than you might imagine. Learn more about Magento here, or if you’d like to get in touch to learn more please feel free to do so, we’re always happy to advise.

Time to upgrade and realise the power of Magento.

Just like every business, every Magento store is unique to you.

It’s time to take that step and upgrade your eCommerce system for security, speed and UX enhancements.


Improved marketing opportunities

It’s time to break the mould and stretch your eCommerce legs.

Magento, the platform of choice for one in four online merchants, provides unparalleled flexibility and frictionless scalability, putting no limitations on business development. A comprehensive set of strong marketing, SEO, and catalogue-management technologies enables you to deliver quality traffic to your site and personalise the customer journey.

It’s that next step up from your current store and gives your business to scale and grow in the online space without compromise. Don’t let your business be held back by other platforms and technologies.  

Magento 1 to Magento 2 upgrades

If you missed the end-of-life deadline for Magento 1 in 2020, your online business is now in jeopardy. But don’t fret. Our Magento Commerce 1 to Magento 2 migration experts will provide a quick, easy, and stress-free move.

A Magento 2 transfer is the greatest approach to expand your eCommerce business since it is designed for scalability, user experience, and technical agility.

Upgrade your Magento Commerce 1 shop to the Adobe Commerce platform to keep up with demand and unleash your next chapter of eCommerce growth. 

Ready to start working with a leading UK-based eCommerce growth agency?

Let’s have a chat about your eCommerce objectives and core business visions. Together, we’ll come up with the right plan and actions to get you there.

Why choose Hyvä Themes and Aware?

Hyvä is built to offer simplicity, quality and performance. The result is lightning-fast performance, easy maintenance, superior flexibility and faster development times.

Hyvä vs PWA

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are big news in eCommerce development, delivering immersive interactive experiences across multiple devices. But while PWA solutions for Magento like PWA Studio promise modern tooling for developing engaging, high-performance PWAs, they are still a relatively new concept and have several issues that can make them challenging to develop with and maintain.

With PWA themes in their infancy, features and developer tools are constantly changing, while there is very much a lack of documentation and support, making ongoing maintenance and upgrades more difficult. Module compatibility also means it can be harder to find modules that are compatible with PWA themes.

Speed is another big issue, with additional files resulting in a site that is less than lightning-fast. For example, PWA Studio is based on outdated Javascript frameworks like ReactJS, relying on many additional files that can bloat the storefront.

This is where Hyvä comes into its own as an alternative to PWAs, delivering the tools to deliver immersive cross-device experiences without many of the drawbacks of existing PWA themes.

To begin with, Hyvä provides a superior development environment and has much in common with standard Magento themes. The result is faster development times and much less potential for issues – and if one is encountered, comprehensive documentation and direct access to Hyvä’s expert developer team means there’s the help available to solve it quickly. There’s also a library of compatibility modules which work with many popular Magento modules. 

Another key benefit of Hyvä is that it is lightweight and built for speed, being based on TailwindCSS and AlpineJS only. Hyvä is a traditional theme and not a separate application, meaning it does not rely on GraphQL or REST API requests for retrieving store data, resulting in a much faster storefront with lightning-fast load times. 

What about the key selling points of a PWA such as offline browsing and the ability to be installed on a user’s device? These features can easily be added to Hyvä using the recommended PWA module.

Unrivalled performance with Hyvä Themes

A lightweight code base means Hyvä Themes delivers Google Pagespeed scores never before seen in Magento 2 – for better search engine rankings and a superior user experience.

More flexibility, reduced complexity

Hyvä is based on AlpineJS, delivering great design and flexible customisation options without baggage. It’s been built from the ground up for performance.

Faster development speed

Quite simply, Hyvä is a developer’s dream. Being lean and less complex means projects can be delivered faster while maintaining superior quality and true flexibility. It’s fast in all senses.

Hyvä partner

We know Hyvä inside out, creating world-class eCommerce experiences on the Magento platform. We’re not just a supplier of the product, we’re a Hyvä partner.

Working with Hyvä for a better Magento

Certified Magento developers

We’ve been working with Magento since 2011, and we’ve built our reputation on delivering even the most complex projects. This has now evolved to start using Hyvä. We are tailoring our approach to produce the fastest, most reliable go-to-market product of Magento 2 to date.

More than Magento

From strategy through to ongoing support and maintenance, we’re here to support your eCommerce journey. Hyvä has taken the Magento world by storm, taking speed, flexibility and ease of maintenance to the next level.

That’s core web vitals passed

With the UK’s leading Hyvä Adobe Commerce agency. The numbers speak for themselves. Hyvä delivers blazing fast loading times and superior design for the ultimate user experience.

Start Your eCommmerce Growth.

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