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Magento Open source

Magento Development on the Open Source Platform

Utilising the power of Magento Open Source to craft scalable eCommerce websites built for expansion.

As a certified Magento Agency, we’re here to help you make the most of the Magento Open Source platform – a hugely powerful solution that’s ideal for growing brands and retailers.

Our UK-based team of accredited developers understand exactly what can be accomplished with Magento Open Source and know the platform inside out. Naturally, our team regularly attend Magento courses as part of their certification – so they’re always up to speed with developments and intricacies of the platform.

Aware’s commitment to meeting the expectations of our clients extends far beyond just our development team. Our team also includes fully trained Project Managers who are Magento Solutions Specialists, which means they understand the platform and can communicate and deliver more insightful information and updates to our clients. Meanwhile, our UX designers will ensure your customers get the best possible user experience. 

From start to finish, we’re ready to help you leverage the full power of Magento Open Source.

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Great things happen when you choose Magento as your next eCommerce platform, and trust Aware as your Magento agency.


Let Magento do the work for you.

When you’re looking for the right platform to use for your eCommerce, Magento 2 stands head and shoulders above the rest. Magento not only has the go to market tools needed straight out of the box to build a successful online store, but is used by a large community. 

Aware, built in the UK.

All of our Magento 2 development team is based in house at our head office in Stoke On Trent. Our Magento certified developers help online stores to not only move to Magento but grow on the platform. 

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The Magento development process.

Understanding your business and scope of the project is critical to ensuring the best possible outcome.

The Magento development process starts long before any actual development work begins. It’s important to firstly immerse ourselves in your business and fully understand and agree on the scope of the project.

We’ll start with an initial workshop, in which we work together to gather all the information we need to establish project scope and create a bespoke functional specification, in addition to the brief. This ensures the development of a bespoke Magento Open Source store that meets all expectations and delivers on a practical level.

Once all information has been gathered and the scope has been agreed, we move onto the User Experience (UX) phase, working to ensure the site delivers the best possible experience across all touch points and in line with objectives. From there, we can finally move onto the frontend and backend development phases.

Our robust Quality Assurance process underpins the whole project, ultimately ensuring the best possible deliverables and outcomes from the initial stages right through to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and training. This is an important part of the process, ensuring everyone in your team knows how to use and make the most from the platform.

Magento Open Source

Certified Magento Developers, all based in the United Kingdom.

Light, lean, flexible, and powerful, we’re proud to be working with the future of the Magento frontend. 

Upgrade your eCommerce platform

Magento Open Source offers outstanding features right out of the box.

Magento Open Source might be available as a free download, but it’s also hugely powerful and packed with features. Its potential doesn’t end with its out of the box features, either. Magento is backed by a huge developer and technology partner ecosystem, meaning new functionality can be added at any time to meet the changing requirements of growing businesses. 

On the flip side, Magento’s advanced feature-rich nature means working with it requires a certain degree of expertise – which is where Aware comes in, doing things right and helping you make the most of its full potential.

Using a qualified Magento developers and agency, such as Aware Digital, guarantees that your business needs and the usage of Magento Open Source are met in a long-term and scalable manner.

An Award-Winning eCommerce agency based in the UK

We’re an Adobe Commerce (Magento) solution partner, focusing on must-have features for your next eCommerce platform, built with Hyvä.

We’re here to deliver your next Hyvä project, we’ll never promise something that we can’t deliver or make unnecessary demands on your budget using Hyvä as your next frontend build.

We want your business to grow on Magento with our Hyvä development team and to help your business succeed in the online space. We work hand in hand alongside your business and like to think of ourselves as an extension of your company. In short, we like to think our success ends with you and the Magento platform.

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Why choose Magento Open Source?

Magento has core features like no other platform and using Aware as your go to developers will help you to grow online with Magento.

Over the last decade, Magento has established itself as the world’s most popular eCommerce platform. Magento powered 31.4 percent of the top 100,000 websites in 2017. In reality, the Magento platform benefits an unparalleled number of businesses globally.

Magento has become the go-to solution for versatile, cost-effective eCommerce implementations, and it leads the platform industry not just in sales but also in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and the newly established Forrester mid-size B2B report.

Magento Open Source Edition, also known as Magento Community, is the free open-source Magento platform that Magento began in 2008. Users may make configuration changes to the programme to match their individual needs because it is free to download, install, and expand, unlike a SaaS model that locks you into a certain product roadmap.

For a budding business or a startup, Magento Open Source’s ease of use and uncomplicated administration gives a wonderful introduction to the technology and platform, allowing users to quickly and easily set up an eCommerce online shop.

The enormous community of Magento Open Source developers is constantly producing new extensions that bring more capabilities to an already amazing base feature set.

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