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GA4 Setup

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Setup

Managed GA4 migration services from Aware Digital

As of June 2023, Universal Analytics (UA) has been sunset to make way for Google Analytics 4 (or, GA4). In order for website owners to monitor activity on their platforms, it’s imperative that GA4 is installed as soon as possible to allow for sufficient data to be collected well before the final shut off.

What's new with GA4?

Universal Analytics has been an integral tool for website owners and marketing professionals for over 15 years. GA4 has been created to navigate changes to privacy regulations and the growing desire for data anonymity whilst still providing accurate figures.

The main difference between UA and GA4 is the use if event-based data tracking, rather than cookie-based. This, in theory, should make reporting on goals, events and transactions more accurate if configured correctly.

There is also a large focus on cross-device support, AI driven data reporting and third party integrations, with more features still to be fully rolled out.

Contact our team for assistance with your GA4 properties and data reporting.


Our managed GA4 service

Configuration & setup

We’ll create, configure and implement your new GA4 property, including any tags, triggers & variables required.

Dashboards & reporting

Creation of reporting dashboards either in Google Data Studio or within GA itself, filtering out any unwanted traffic.

Training & documentation

We’ll document a log of changes and additions, provide a guide for how to use GA4 and provide a training session.

New features in Google Analytics 4

There’s no denying that GA4 is a fundamentally different experience from UA, which has been designed to future proof reporting and measurement from data privacy legislation changes.

  • Collects both website and app data
  • Uses event-based data, instead of session-based
  • More privacy controls such as cookieless measurement
  • AI driven predictive reporting to anticipate trends
  • More integrations to understand your data
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Start your GA4 journey

Our team can handle all of your GA4 setup and configuration from start to finish, allowing you to jump in and access accurate reports to help you make better business decisions.

We start by auditing your current setup, checking tags, segments and other settings to make sure these are ported across.

We’ll then create your new GA4 property, data streams and implement tracking across your essential goals and events.

Once we’re checked that all of the tracking is reporting as expected, we can build out Explorations, reporting views and dashboards to allow you to access your reports quickly.

To wrap up, we’ll provide a GA4 guide, staff training and be on call for any further questions should you need it.

Create your new property

Implement tracking & events

Testing & validation

Reports & documentation

Training & support

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