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The UK’s leading Hyvä Adobe Commerce (Magento) Agency. It’s time to take the next step with Aware as your Magento agency, building your site on Hyvä to achieve page speeds never before seen in a Magento 2 build.​

Hyvä is Magento to the max

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We’re proud to be partners with Hyvä Themes, the leading front-end for Magento 2 offering the best development experience, performance, and time to market.

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Performance, flexibility, speed

When you need unrivalled performance, flexibility and speed on the Magento platform, Hyvä Themes delivers on all fronts. More than just a Magento theme, it’s a complete Magento front-end solution that’s been expertly built from the ground up to deliver lightning-fast page loading times, first-rate development speed and flexibility, ease of maintenance, and much more.

As expert Hyvä developers and a Hyvä Partner Agency, we work with Hyvä Themes day in, day out to craft world-class Magento 2 stores that help you transform your eCommerce experience and maximise your potential. It’s Magento 2 taken to the next level.

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Great things happen when you choose Hyvä Themes and trust Aware as your Adobe Commerce (Magento) agency.

Adobe Commerce on Hyvä

Adobe Commerce is the world’s most advanced eCommerce platform – and when partnered with Hyvä, it’s taken to even greater heights. Hyvä’s core incorporates tons of simple and easy to utilise principles that help the Magento 2 front-end to be more robust, flexible and quicker to market.

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Shop Better

Give your customers the shopping experience they deserve. With an Adobe Commerce store powered by Hyvä, you'll ensure an ultra fast and fluid experience is delivered on every device, representing your brand in the best possible light and maximising conversions.

Improved Performance

In the world of eCommerce, every second counts. A delay of just one second has the potential to lose hundreds or thousands of pounds, which is why Hyvä has been expertly crafted to deliver ultra-fast performance and much greater efficiency.

Better Developer Experience

Hyvä is designed to make developer's lives easier. Reduced complexity and a friendlier work environment means they can develop and build Hyvä sites faster than ever, resulting in a much quicker time to market.


More of the reliability, less of the learning curve. Hyvä is designed to be ultra-reliable, dependable and easy to use - for everyone. It's a breeze to use and has few dependencies, making it the fast, stable and flexible solution you need to power your business.

Adobe Commerce powered by Magento.

The future of the Magento starts here.

Light, lean, flexible, and powerful, we’re proud to be a Hyvä partner agency and one of the leading Hyvä agencies in the UK.


Create new market opportunities

It’s time to break the mould and stretch your eCommerce legs.

We work with leading web technologies to deliver eCommerce experiences that are fast, flexible, robust, and easy to maintain. From start-up to established business, get in touch today to find out how Hyvä and Aware can help you maximise your eCommerce potential. 

The tools used in Hyvä themes have originated in the Laravel ecosystem. Laravel is a PHP framework that follows the latest trends to grow rapidly. The development team has used tools like TailwindCSS and Alpine.js. These tools make the themes fast and flexible. The front-end is utilising a front-end stack with various native Magento mechanisms. 

An Award-Winning eCommerce agency based in the UK.

We’re an Adobe Commerce (Magento) solution partner, focusing on must-have features for your next eCommerce platform, built with Hyvä.

We’re here to deliver your next Hyvä project with ease. We’ll never promise something we can’t deliver or make unnecessary demands on your budget when using Hyvä as your next front-end build.

We want your business to grow on Magento with our Hyvä development team and to help your business succeed in the online space. We work hand in hand alongside your business and like to think of ourselves as an extension of your company. In short, we believe our success ends with you and the Magento platform.

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Why choose Hyvä Themes and Aware?

Hyvä is built to offer simplicity, quality and performance. The result is lightning-fast performance, easy maintenance, superior flexibility and faster development times.

Hyvä vs PWA

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) were a big hype word in the eCommerce development space, delivering interactive experiences across multiple devices. While PWA solutions for Magento like PWA Studio or Vue Store Front, offer new exciting technologies, they are still a relatively new concept and have several issues that can make them challenging to develop and more importantly maintain.

Speed is another issue, with additional files resulting in a site that is less than lightning-fast. PWA Studio ( now no longer supported by Adobe ) is based on Javascript frameworks like ReactJS, relying on many additional files that can bloat the store-front.

This is where Hyvä comes into its own as an alternative frontend solution, delivering the tools for an immersive cross-device experiences without many of the drawbacks of existing PWA themes.

Hyvä provides a lower bar to entry for developers and has much more in common with standard Magento themes. The result is faster development times and much less potential for issues – and if one is encountered, comprehensive documentation and direct access to Hyvä’s expert developer team means there’s the help available to solve it quickly. There’s also a library of compatibility modules which work with many popular Magento modules. 

Another key benefit of Hyvä is that it is lightweight and built for speed, being based on TailwindCSS and AlpineJS only. Hyvä is a traditional theme and not a separate application, meaning it does not rely on GraphQL or REST API requests for retrieving store data, resulting in a much faster storefront with lightning-fast load times. 

What about the key selling points of a PWA such as offline browsing and the ability to be installed on a user’s device? These features can easily be added to Hyvä using the recommended PWA module.

Unrivalled Performance with Hyvä themes

A lightweight code base means Hyvä Themes delivers Google Pagespeed scores never before seen in Magento 2 – for better search engine rankings and a superior user experience.

Reduced Complexity

Hyvä is based on AlpineJS, delivering great design and flexible customisation options without baggage. It’s been built from the ground up for performance.

Faster Development Speed

Quite simply, Hyvä is a developer’s dream. Being lean and less complex means projects can be delivered faster while maintaining superior quality and true flexibility. It’s fast in all senses.

Hyvä partner

We know Hyvä inside out, creating world-class eCommerce experiences on the Magento platform. We’re not just a supplier of the product, we’re a Hyvä partner.

Working with Hyvä for a better Magento

Certified Magento Developers

We’ve been working with Magento since 2011, and we’ve built our reputation on delivering even the most complex projects. This has now evolved to using Hyvä. We are tailoring our approach to produce the fastest, most reliable go-to-market product of Magento 2 to date.

More than Magento

From strategy through to ongoing support and maintenance, we’re here to support your eCommerce journey. Hyvä has taken the Magento world by storm, taking speed, flexibility, and ease-of-maintenance to the next level.

That’s Core Web Vitals Passed

With the UK’s leading Hyvä Adobe Commerce agency, the numbers speak for themselves. Hyvä delivers blazing fast loading times and superior design for the ultimate user experience.


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