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UX Audit

What is a UX audit?

Carrying out a UX audit allows you to take a wider view of how users are behaving on your website, giving you a clear view on how you can improve the user journey, remove any blocks and, ultimately, improve conversion rates.

The recommendations provided by a UX audit should all be aimed at improving your customer’s journey, giving them all the confidence they need that your website can meet their needs.

Get your UX audit from Aware

Our ever-evolving UX audit has been tried and tested across dozens of websites, with a view to providing website owners with a clear view of how their site measures up against the competition.

Out 5 step checklist covers essential elements of your customer journey and assessing each step for the following areas:

  • Clarity
  • Relevancy
  • Motivation
  • Trust
  • Distractions

To conclude the audit we provide a prioritised list of recommendations as well as all the raw data of our findings.

Putting UX into practice

Our UX audit process

Benchmarking and KPIs

We review your analytics data to set benchmarks of current activity to measure potential growth

5 step checklist

We carry out our tried and tested UX audit checklist covering a wide range of areas and elements

Reporting and roadmap

We provide a full run down of our findings, including a prioritised roadmap of recommended improvements

The cost of inaction

As the cost of acquisition continues to increase, there is only so far that increasing your expenditure can take you before you start seeing your ROI fade.

Instead of investing more in acquisition, we’re seeing a growing trend of merchants invest in improving the user journey, allowing them to generate more sales, higher basket value and improve user retention by implementing suggestions from a UX audit.

Our UX audit acts as an entry point for conversion rate optimisation, providing useful and actionable recommendations without the need for installing tracking scripts or additional software.

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What do you get from a UX audit?

An audit that only highlights problems only gets you so far. Our UX Audit provides a detailed rundown of how key pages on your website are performing for your users by following a 5 step, 40 point best practice checklist.

The 5 steps are; Clarity, Relevancy, Motivation, Trust & Distractions. Each of these consists of key focus areas that we review in order to provide recommendations which can include (but are not limited to) how to improve user acquisition, streamline the user journey, increase conversions and much more.

The key deliverables at the end of this project are an impartial review of your website, a recommendations document with clear steps that can be taken to improve your website and benchmarking of key metrics so that you can measure this improvement.

Benchmarking & KPIs

User journey analysis

Opportunities for growth

Competitor review


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