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Strategic eCommerce: Partnering for Digital Success with Aware's Expertise

We’re a team of dedicated eCommerce experts who have worked with Magento 2 (Adobe  Commerce ) for over 10 years, building a reputation for our customers. And now using Hyvä we’re here to take your store to the next level. Take time to look around and reach out if you see something that could help improve your business online.

Audio-Technica, rebuilt and upgraded for a Global reach.

Motivated by the profound emotional connections observed during vinyl listening sessions organised during his time at the Bridgestone Museum of Arts in Tokyo, Hideo Matsushita was driven to make the warmth of analog listening more accessible to a broader audience.

Building a consistent brand.

Future proofing the growth of one of the world’s most well known audio equipment suppliers, thanks to a best in class tech stack, hosting and powered by Magento 2.

Ivel valley bird food

Ivel Valley, Performance, flexibility, speed

Driving eCommerce growth, we’ve prioritised enhancing user experience, achieving sub-1.5 second load times. The outcome? A remarkable 330% increase in overall page speed, ensuring a faster, more efficient online environment for your customers.

The Grass People

A Comprehensive Data Migration​

The migration to Adobe Commerce significantly enhanced performance for The Grass People, streamlining operations and improving site responsiveness using Hyvä and Aware to deliver a super fast solution.

Adobe Commerce B2B (Magento 2) built on Hyvä by Aware.

Revolutionising Cutwel’s Magento 2 Adobe Commerce store, a prominent independent tooling supplier in the UK. Leveraging the exceptional speed and flexibility of Hyvä + Aware to provide an unparalleled experience that truly surpasses the competition.

Trusted developers certified by Adobe Magento, ensuring reliable delivery.

Our team comprises trusted developers who have earned certifications from Adobe Magento, guaranteeing a high level of expertise and proficiency in the field. With a solid foundation in the intricacies of Adobe Magento, we are dedicated to ensuring reliable and consistent delivery of top-notch solutions.

Certified Team

As a certified Adobe team, we bring a wealth of expertise and specialised knowledge to the forefront of our services. Our professionals have undergone rigorous training and earned certifications directly from Adobe, showcasing our proficiency in utilizing their cutting-edge technologies and platforms

Delivery is on us

At the core of our ethos is a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional products. We prioritize precision and quality in every step of our process, from ideation to execution. Our dedicated team works collaboratively to ensure that each product we create not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients and customers.

"Superb. Really great company to work with and their enthusiasm for good web design and practices really show in their work.

A pleasure to work with!"

– Nemesis Now.

Reimagining B2B usability for alternative giftware wholesaler Nemesis Now

A bespoke Magento 2 Hyvä store, delivering a superior user experience

Nemesis Now is one of the UK’s leading wholesalers of Gothic and Fantasy giftware, with a colossal and ever-expanding range of unique collectibles and licensed products which it supplies to retailers throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Restoring faith in Magento with a full Hyvä redesign and build that's made-to-measure

Boosting performance, removing technical debt and improving the shopping experience.

We’re an Adobe Commerce (Magento) solution partner, focusing on must-have features for your next eCommerce platform, built with Hyvä.

We’re here to deliver your next Hyvä project with ease. We’ll never promise something we can’t deliver or make unnecessary demands on your budget when using Hyvä as your next front-end build.

Ready to start working with the UK's leading Hyvä agency?

Talk to us about how Hyvä is ready to take your eCommerce business to the next level. Together, we can achieve your digital ambitions – whatever they are.

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Start your journey to a better digital strategy. Our certified team are happy to talk and answer any questions you might have around eCommerce, whether it’s Development or Marketing. 


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