Cutwel Magento B2B Commerce

Transforming Cutwel’s Magento Commerce store, one of the UK’s largest independent tooling suppliers. Utilising the amazing speed and flexibility of Hyvä + Aware, the site delivers an experience that’s quite literally a cut above the rest.

Magento B2B Commerce

Using Aware and Hyvä to build a frontend 738% faster than the previous build.

Cutwel now passes Google Core Web Vitals with ease, using Aware as their commercial partner. By evaluating Cutwel’s pain points and deep-diving into the customer experience, we were able to produce a site of clarity that represents the look and feel that their customers know and expect from their products.

Razor sharp design, cutting edge speed

Transforming the user experience to deliver a site that’s quite literally a cut above the rest

Transforming the customer journey

Cutwel is one of the UK’s largest independent tooling suppliers, with a rich 25 year history of supplying high quality solutions to the UK and Irish engineering industry. Today, it boasts a turnover of over £20m and is proud to serve more than 10,000 precision engineering companies across the country.

Cutwel prides itself on enabling its customers to stay ahead of the competition – but their old online store was failing to do the same for them. Slow to load and with a number of usability issues, there was a significant opportunity to improve the customer journey and make it much easier for customers to find and order what they are looking for.

Cutwel Magento 2 Commerce

738% increase in mobile page speeds

Utilising the speed and flexibility of Hyvä with Magento Commerce to deliver unparalleled performance on every device

Cutting edge technology delivering a next level experience

Cutwel’s new site delivers a better experience all around – with faster load times, an improved design and layout, intelligent search and much more.

The refreshed site boasts a sleek new design, with ultra fast loading times and an intelligent search function that makes finding the right tool for the job quicker than ever. Land on a product and the customer is presented with everything they need to make a buying decision, with enriched data including more dimensions, cutting data, product videos and more.

As you would expect, the site is built for a mobile-first world, with up to a 738% increase in mobile page speeds.

Hyva - Aware - Magento

The best tools for the job

For a project demanding the fastest possible loading speeds, lightweight design and advanced flexibility, the best development route was clear – Hyvä Themes for Magento 2 Commerce.

The result is an ultra fast site that offers the best possible user experience, with powerful B2B commerce features that make managing the store an absolute breeze.

B2B Commerce

Magento Commerce boasts built-in B2B features like shared catalogues and quote management designed to improve efficiency, boost sales and make managing the store and inventory a breeze. Meanwhile, advanced account management features empower customers to take control of their orders. It’s also easily integrated with existing in-house backend systems.

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