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Cutwel: Adobe Commerce B2B (Magento) built on Hyvä

Transforming Cutwel’s Magento Commerce store, one of the UK’s largest independent tooling suppliers. Utilising the superior speed and flexibility of Hyvä + Aware to deliver an experience that’s quite literally a cut above the rest.

With Aware as their commercial partner, Cutwel now passes Google Core Web Vitals with ease, including a frontend that’s 738% faster than the previous build. After evaluating Cutwel’s pain points and deep-diving into the customer experience, we were able to deliver a transformed user-first site that represents the same look and feel their customers know and expect from their products.

Cutwel is one of the UK’s largest independent tooling suppliers, with a rich 25-year history of supplying high-quality solutions to the UK and Irish engineering industry. Today, it boasts a turnover of over £20m and is proud to serve more than 10,000 precision engineering companies across the country. As well as completely rebuilding the frontend, we made a number of significant improvements to the backend to help streamline the client’s processes and make day-to-day management easier. This included a vastly improved CRM integration that reduced the indexing time inside of Magento from 8 hours to just 20 minutes.



increase in mobile page speed.


improvement to indexing inside Magento.

Magento taken to the next level with Aware.

Hyvä is considered to be the future of the Magento frontend – and it was the perfect tool for this project, delivering unparalleled performance and flexibility.

The best tools for the job

Transforming Cutwel's customer journey and order management.

For a project demanding the fastest possible page loading speeds, the best development route was clear – Hyvä Themes for Magento 2 Commerce. The result is an ultra fast store that delivers a first-rate user experience combined with powerful B2C and B2B commerce features and a multitude of backend improvements that have helped transform the client’s processes and order management. 

Land on the site and you’ll immediately notice the slick new design that’s perfectly on brand – but this overhaul was about much more than just the visuals. From the outset, it was clear that there was a significant opportunity to boost conversions while fixing a number of fundamental front-end and back-end issues that were causing day-to-day frustrations. Ultimately, it was about cutting through the noise to deliver a transformed online presence that makes it easier than ever for the customer to order the right tools for the job – and much simpler for the client to manage.



Next-level user experience

Cutwel prides itself on enabling its customers to stay ahead of the competition – but their old online store was failing to do the same for them. Slow to load and with a number of UX issues, the shopping experience needed to be streamlined to make it easier for users to locate and order items. 

One key challenges of this project was Cutwel’s vast product range – which extends to over 80,000 individual parts! The new site had to make it simple to navigate a potentially confusing product catalogue and provide all the information needed to make an informed buying decision.

The first thing to highlight is the intelligent search function, powered by Klevu AI. Start typing into the search box and the customer is presented with instant keyword suggestions, recommended pages and matching categories and products – making it simple to explore the range and find exactly what you’re looking for. Complete the search and the user is presented with a carefully designed results page showing matching categories and an array of useful information relevant to the search.

As you would expect, there are a multitude of different ways to find the right items/parts. We spent a great deal of time improving the User Interface (UI) to ensure it’s easy to locate products matching often very specific criteria. As well as intelligent search and logical categories/sub categories, there’s an online tool recommender and advanced filters providing a comprehensive set of options – covering everything from price and brand to size, dimensions, product range and specific features. Meanwhile, the mega menu makes category browsing a breeze and shows useful category previews while highlighting key contact information should the customer need to get advice from one of Cutwel’s experts.  

Click onto a product and the customer is presented with everything they need to make an informed purchasing decision, including detailed product specifications and real time stock information, along with links to downloadable brochures and data sheets. The pages include a wealth of enriched data including more dimensions, cutting data and product videos.

Naturally, the site is built for a mobile-first world, with up to a 738% increase in mobile page speeds compared to the old site. Another key area of improvement is the checkout, which is fast and intuitive and offers B2B and B2C guest checkout, as well as for B2B customers with customer groups. 

Adobe Commerce (Magento) + Hyvä

738% increase in mobile page speeds.

Utilising the speed and flexibility of Hyvä with Adobe Commerce, removing legacy code and reducing modules. It all adds up to a big improvement!

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A better experience all round - for the user and the client

Helping improve the client's day-to-day processes and order management.

We weren’t just focused on redesigning and rebuilding the frontend – we wanted to make order processing and day-to-day management of the site much easier for the client.

One key improvement involved refactoring the CRM integration to improve indexing inside of Magento. This was a simple change that resulted in an 8 hour index being cut to just 20 minutes.

In addition, we introduced a quoting system to streamline their processes internally. We also introduced a multi-store to the website, allowing the client to sell in different locations with a customer allocation per site.

Hyvä, Adobe Commerce and Aware


Hyvä is considered to be the future of the Magento frontend. It’s a fast and flexible solution that provides developers with everything they need to create market-leading digital experience powered by Adobe Commerce – widely considered itself to be the world’s most advanced eCommerce platform.

With Aware as their commercial partner, Cutwel is reaping the benefits of Hyvä and Adobe Commerce. The result is a thoroughly modern online presence that delivers the fast, intuitive and feature-rich eCommerce experience expected by today’s customers. It’s ready to power Cutwel’s business for many years to come and help the company achieve its goals. 

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