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Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food

Ivel Valley Bird Food: Flying high with an ultra-fast Hyvä build that has boosted revenue by over two thirds

Powering eCommerce growth with an improved user experience, sub 1.5 second load times, and an overall 330% increase in page speed.

Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food is a family-run business that’s firmly established as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of nutritious and delicious wild bird seed mixes, suet treats and more – all delivered fresh from their family-run farm in Bedfordshire to customers across the UK.

Priding itself on offering everything a customer needs to attract wild birds into their garden and feed those ever-hungry beaks, the company’s existing online presence unfortunately failed to do the same thing when it came to attracting and converting customers!

After working closely with the client to understand their business goals and ambitions, our team set to work on completely overhauling Ivel Valley’s online presence, bringing it up-to-date with a fresh user-centric store built on Hyvä Themes – with speed being a key priority.

The result? A user-friendly, high performance online store delivering a significant page speed increase, higher conversions, and a 68.12 per cent boost in overall revenue, along with easier day-to-day store management.



page speed increase


revenue boost

Taking eCommerce to new heights with Aware and Hyvä Themes.

Hyvä is the future of the Magento frontend, delivering unparalleled performance and flexibility. It was the obvious solution to power this project.

Planting the seeds of eCommerce growth

Speed counts in the world of eCommerce, with a mere one second improvement in load time known to increase conversions by as much as 17%, according to research.

There’s one thing for sure: if you want to succeed and thrive in an increasingly competitive digital space, you simply can’t afford to have a slow website. Even minor speed increases can have a huge impact on conversion rates, sales and search engine rankings, meaning minimising load times is critical for maximising growth. Boost speeds by a more significant margin and the results can be truly transformative – as was the case for Ivel Valley.

When it came to the build, there was only one choice for delivering a site with the best possible performance: Hyvä Themes, the leading frontend for Magento that is designed to be lightweight, fast and flexible.

What makes Hyvä so fast? It’s all down to less code being shipped to the user, meaning significantly shorter load times when compared to standard Magento themes and PWA’s.

In the case of Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food, the results speak for themselves, with sub 1.5 second page load times and an overall 330% increase in page speed. The new site passes Core Web Vitals, with a shopping experience that firmly places the company as a leader in its industry. 

By far the most impressive number of all? A 68.12% increase in revenue since the new site went live, showcasing just what’s possible when you have the right team using the best tools for the job.


Ivel Valley wild bird food | Build on Magento 2 Hyvä

Core Web Vitals, passed

We worked hard to build a store that would deliver the best possible shopping experience on all devices and screen sizes, making it simple to browse through the company’s expansive product range of bird seeds and mixes, suet treats, mealworms and food bundles, along with quality bird feeders, nest boxes and accessories.

Boosting customer retention

To help customers find what they’re looking for, the search function includes real-time dynamic product suggestions, related categories and links to useful resources – all available straight from the search bar as you type. Click onto a product and the user is shown a wealth of product information, including detailed images and buyer reviews, plus stock and delivery details. Got a question? The live chat function gives customers instant access to product experts who can answer all their questions. 

Magento, Hyvä Themes and Aware

Faster store. Better conversions. More revenue.

Building Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food’s store on Hyvä Themes allowed us to boost page speed by 330% for sub 1.5 second loading times. The result? A 68% increase in revenue since the site went live. 

Magento Support Code

Configurable products

Plus custom CMS modules.

Considering that many items in Ivel Valley’s range come in many different weights and pack sizes, we made the move from bundled items to configurable products, which is all handled dynamically. 

In addition, we developed custom modules for better CMS control, making the site easier to manage on a day-to-day basis and ensuring a faster workflow.

It all adds up to a store that delivers a first-rate customer experience – and makes life easier for internal teams. 

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