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Consolidating 3 Magento Instances into 1 Adobe Commerce for The Grass People, with a Comprehensive Data Migration

The migration to Adobe Commerce significantly enhanced performance for The Grass People, streamlining operations and improving site responsiveness. Leveraging the robust framework of Hyvä, the transition not only provided a modernised user experience.

The Grass People are a leading provider of premium grass seed and lawn care, catering to homeowners, landscapers, and agricultural professionals all across the UK. With a focus on high-quality, sustainable solutions, they offer a wide range of grass seed varieties and accessories to promote lush, healthy lawns and landscapes.

Transitioning to Adobe Commerce on Hyvä theme build by Aware Digital, one of the leading Hyvä agencies, will catapult The Grass People into a new era of online retail excellence. Leveraging Adobe Commerce’s robust features and flexibility, coupled with Hyvä’s modern frontend technology, they can now offer customers a seamless, lightning-fast browsing and shopping experience. This upgrade not only enhances their online presence but also positions them for sustained growth and success in the competitive eCommerce landscape.



increase in mobile page speed.


increase in conversion

Multi Site, Multi Store Adobe Commerce

Hyvä is considered to be the future of the Magento frontend – and it was the perfect tool for this project, delivering unparalleled performance and flexibility.

Sleek, Responsive and Room to Grow.

Rewritten from the ground, up.

When the Grass People approached Aware, they had one vision in mind. To consolidate their 3 online Magento stores in 1 instance.

Faced with the challenge of managing multiple websites simultaneously, The Grass People recognised the need for consolidation. By migrating three separate sites onto a unified platform, they streamlined backend operations and eliminated unnecessary complexities, laying the groundwork for a more cohesive online presence.

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, adaptability is key to staying ahead. For one forward-thinking brand, the journey towards enhanced efficiency and user experience led to a comprehensive overhaul of their online platform. Let’s delve into the transformative process that propelled them towards success.

Code Refinement: Rewriting and Optimising for Peak Performance

Under the hood, every line of code matters. Our team meticulously rewrote and optimized the existing codebase, ensuring clean, efficient, and scalable solutions. This proactive approach not only enhanced performance but also laid a sturdy foundation for future growth and innovation.

The Grass People

Elevating User Experience: Putting UX at the Forefront

In the digital realm, user experience reigns supreme. Leveraging the power of Magento and Hyvä, we crafted a seamless, intuitive interface that prioritized user engagement and satisfaction. From streamlined navigation to visually appealing layouts, every aspect was fine-tuned to delight customers at every touchpoint.

Adobe Commerce with Hyvä

Lightweight Solutions: The Marriage of Magento and Hyvä

With speed and agility in mind, we engineered a lightweight Magento build on the Hyvä theme framework. This dynamic duo delivered unparalleled performance without compromising on functionality, ensuring swift load times and effortless navigation for visitors across all devices.

Enhancing Security: Transitioning from WordPress to Magento Blog

Customer focused content editing.

Security is paramount in the digital age, especially when handling sensitive customer data in an eCommerce platform. By migrating The Grass People blog from WordPress to Magento, The Grass People fortified their online ecosystem, reducing vulnerabilities and safeguarding against potential threats while maintaining their SEO and online strategy. 

Personalised Marketing: Integrating Klaviyo for Targeted Campaigns

In the realm of e-commerce, personalised marketing is a game-changer. By integrating Klaviyo, a powerful email marketing platform, our client gained the ability to segment their audience and deliver tailored campaigns that resonated with individual preferences. This data-driven approach fostered stronger connections with customers and drove repeat business.

In conclusion, the journey towards optimisation and innovation is ongoing. By embracing change, prioritising user experience, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, our client embarked on a transformative path that propelled them towards sustained success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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