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Restoring faith in Magento with a full Hyvä redesign and build that's made-to-measure

Boosting performance, removing technical debt and improving the shopping experience. TM Interior's new site delivers on all storefronts.

TM Interiors is a leading retailer of luxury fabrics, made-to-measure upholstery, curtains and blinds, designer wallpapers, furniture and more. A family-run business with a proud history dating all the way back to 1975, the brand offers everything a buyer needs to create their perfect living space, including a colossal fabric range containing literally tens-of-thousands of different options – backed by expert advice at every stage.

When we began working with TM Interiors, the company had lost faith in Magento after battling with a site that was slow and had numerous issues affecting day-to-day usability. As well as having a dated appearance on the front-end, it was obvious that there were many opportunities for improvement when it came to the codebase and overall quality of the build.

After hearing about the results that are possible with Hyvä, the leading Magento front-end, the company approached us for a full redesign and build to power it for future growth. As one of the UK’s leading Hyvä partner agencies, we have restored their faith in the Magento platform with a site that outperforms the competition.



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Showcasing what's possible when you use the right tools for the job.

Hyvä is considered to be the future of the Magento front-end, and it was the perfect tool for this project, delivering unparalleled performance and flexibility.

A full redesign to boost performance and transform the shopping experience

Our team set to work on a redesign and build that showed the client exactly what's possible with the right front-end, less technical debt, and an improved codebase.

TM Interiors came to us with a store that was slow and had a dated appearance. Underneath, the site was running on an old version of Magento with lots of old modules and technical debt. 

Uncontrolled technical debt can become a problem because it slows sites down and makes them more difficult to manage, often limiting possibilities and increasing the likelihood downtime. This was exactly what the client had experienced, leading them to become frustrated with the Magento platform and lose faith in its ability to power their business.

Our job was to restore this faith and show them what is possible with a Magento build that’s done the ‘right’ way, including a full evaluation and rework of all modules and code improvements to deliver a site fit to help them achieve their ambitious goals.

Using the Hyvä front-end, the result is a brand new store that’s much faster and offers a superior user experience to drive conversions. Features like custom page builder blocks make the site much easier for internal teams to manage, making content updates quick and intuitive.

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Pulling back the curtain on site speed


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Creating a joyful and inspiring shopping experience

No matter how big or small the project, TM Interiors strives to help customers bring joy to their home. From made-to-measure fabrics to carefully curated stock pieces from over 100 international designer brands, it offers something for every style and taste – with expert advice and customer guidance from dedicated makers.

Our aim was to bring this joy to the online shopping experience, making it easy for customers to browse and shop the company’s huge product range – including creating their own bespoke pieces that are as individual as they are.

Using the new site is simple and intuitive throughout – from the smart search function with instant category suggestions and item previews, to the beautiful product pages showcasing stunning images and in-depth descriptions. Buyer confidence is boosted by a Reviews.io integration, which allows customers to view both product and company reviews throughout the site. 

Your perfect made-to-measure piece in just a few clicks

TM Interiors offers a huge range of fabrics that can be made-to-measure into curtains, blinds, cushions and headboards. 

Using the Product Builder, customers can create their perfect item with just a few clicks. Begin by choosing from thousands of fabrics – including a massive choice of colours, patterns and styles from world renowned international design houses like Pierre Frey, JAB International and Dedar, and famed local talent including Romo and Harlequin.

Next, pick the product you want to create and follow the simple on-screen steps as you are guided through the process of creating your bespoke item.

At the end, the user is presented with a final price and delivery estimate which can then be added straight to the basket – or opt to have a sample delivered.

Made-to-measure products

Thousands of fabrics. Limitless possibilities.

We reworked the Product Builder module to make it easy for customers to create their dream bespoke items from literally tens-of-thousands of options. 

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Cleaner site, smoother experience

Reworking all modules and removing technical debt

As an experienced Hyvä partner, TM Interiors knew we had the skills and experience to deliver a transformed store with rock solid foundations.

Conducting a full redesign to improve the user experience, we upgraded the site to PHP 8.1 with Magento 2.4.5. 

After conducting a full evaluation of installed modules, our team removed anything that wasn’t needed and reworked everything that was with cleaner code and no technical debt. 

Speed, powered by Hyvä

Hyvä is the best front-end solution for Magento, delivering fast digital experiences with unrivalled developer flexibility.

Once again, it was the ideal solution for this project, enabling us to deliver a high performance build that combines all the features the client needs to power their business while being lightweight and future-proof.

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