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Trusted provider of Magento solutions for over 50,000 stores in over 120 countries

Mirasvit, a developer of e-commerce solutions, has been focusing on Magento since 2007. Their products cater to online stores, enhancing all major aspects of their operations. These range from improving in-store search capabilities and SEO optimization tools to developing robust rewards systems and streamlining backend processes.

One of Mirasvit’s standout qualities is its commitment to customer satisfaction. Each of its products modules is constantly updated and improved according to the customer demands and e-commerce trends. The support team assists with any issues a customer may have with the product. From beginner tasks like installing the extension in Magento to more complex issues.

By continuously adapting its products to meet the changing needs of the e-commerce, Mirasvit delivers ongoing value to its customers. Customers respond with love and appreciation, with 91% of them rate the modules with 5 stars on Trustpilot. Here is a fraction of how clients say of Mirasvit’s products: “Life savior”, “Best Products and Support”, “Excellent company”, “Great experience to work with Mirasvit”.

Mirasvit's extensions for your business growth

Its extensions provide efficiency and excellence for your business to thrive.

Mirasvit is committed to offering solutions that are not only technically advanced but also geared towards a operational efficiency for online stores. The source code of its products is not obfuscated, so every client could verify the quality of the purchase.

Its products are designed for easy integration with any Magento store. Customers can reduce their technical hurdles even more by ordering a free installation service.

This commitment to customer success and e-commerce evolution makes Mirasvit a trusted partner for online stores looking to enhance their operational results.

Customer-first focus

Mirasvit's team always places customers' needs first, whether it's new extension development or helping with existing modules. It strives to provide solutions that exceed customer's expectations.

Delivering advanced functionality

Mirasvit's extensions are known for their advanced functionality. They offer solutions ranging from improving search capabilities and SEO performance to enhancing customer support and order management processes.

Developed with your growth in mind

Extensions are built with scalability in mind, offering solutions that can grow with your business. This means that as your store's traffic, product range, and customer base expand, Mirasvit's products continue to perform efficiently.

Work with Aware, an official Mirasvit partner

Our certified team has extensive knowledge and hands on experience working with Mirasvit extensions. We work closely with Mirasvit’s product experts, customer success teams and engineers to help you grow your business.

As our partner, you can take advantage of our close relationship with Mirasvit with early access to new features, priority support and much more.

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