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Klevu x Aware Digital

Klevu x Aware Digital

Find it with Klevu.

Klevu’s AI and NLP-powered discovery suite includes on-site Smart Search, Smart Category Merchandising, Smart Recommendations and a Personalization Engine, enabling ecommerce sites to offer shopping experiences that elevate conversion rates, all tailored by real-time shopper intent.

Klevu is a leading provider of AI product discovery software that enables personalized search, merchandising, and product recommendations that just work. With Klevu, retailers can achieve conversion rates comparable to Amazon, with many Klevu clients achieving up to 8% site-wide and 16% search conversion rates.

By integrating Klevu’s product discovery platform, retailers can gain access to advanced and customizable algorithms that enhance the findability of products on commerce websites and apps. The solutions include AI on-site search, AI chat shopping assistant, fully customizable product recommendations, category merchandising including facets and filters, and personalization and segmentation on-site, as well as in martech platforms such as Klaviyo for email and SMS.

Klevu is MACH-certified and flexible to use. With tools for all technical levels, Klevu enables businesses from monolith to MACH to innovate, evolve, and succeed.


Klevu for Enhanced Ecommerce Efficiency

In the competitive world of ecommerce, search functionality is not just a feature—it’s the cornerstone of shopper engagement and conversion. Customers transitioning to Klevu from alternative search solutions have seen a noticeable improvement in search relevance and user experience, thanks to Klevu’s advanced Natural Language Processing and AI capabilities.

Klevu’s extensive support system and transparent ROI tracking empower businesses with the insights needed to refine their ecommerce strategies continually.

With an emphasis on customization and retailer-specific solutions, Klevu not only enhances the online shopping experience but also supports businesses in their growth journey by making every search interaction count.

Advanced Search Insights

Leverage AI with Klevu’s site-search to intuitively understand and fulfill shopper searches, boosting conversions by presenting the right results every time.

Agile Merchandising Control

Enhance category management using Klevu’s Smart Category Merchandising tool, combining AI efficiency and manual precision for optimised page performance and doubled click-through rates.

Tailored Product Recommendations

Klevu’s Smart Recommendation system delivers personalised shopping experiences that resonate with customers, significantly increasing revenue with targeted suggestions.

Work with Aware, an official Klevu partner

Our certified team has extensive knowledge and hands on experience managing Klevu solutions. We work closely with Klevu’s product experts, customer success teams and engineers to help you grow your business.

As our partner, you can take advantage of our close relationship with Klevu with early access to new features, priority support and much more.

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