Tools and Timber Magento 2 Upgrade

Tools and Timber is a leading provider of wood and woodwork tools to both the trade and DIY markets

Powering eCommerce growth with a Magento 2 upgrade

A new website equipped to handle an expanding portfolio, increasing online revenue by 86% in just 7 months and achieving a 74% traffic increase.

Tools & Timber have undergone a major expansion in recent years and required a Magento 2 website to showcase their ever-growing range of products. With a constantly expanding online portfolio, it’s important their website is able to handle large amounts of data while optimising site speed and performance. Migrating such a large inventory of stock required careful data handling to ensure an accurate and seamless transition.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Upgrade

Increasing online revenue by 86% and achieving a 74% traffic increase

Rebuilding Tools & Timber’s website with Magento 2 allowed Aware to reinvent the customer’s online experience and scale the website to handle an ever-growing product inventory, resulting in increased online revenue and traffic – all in just 7 months.

Results that speak for themselves

Handling eCommerce growth with ease and experience.

Tools and timber organic traffic

Before the launch of the new website, Tools and Timber was slowly gaining exposure. Thanks to the new site, the organic traffic shot up immediately with a steady upwards trend.


Tools and Timber organic keywords

There’s a solid increase in the number of organic keywords Tools and Timber is ranking for. And with the launch of the new website, there’s a giant wave of new keywords Tools and Timber starts ranking for.

Making buying online a smooth journey.

With advanced search options, personalised shipping information and improved user experience, buying online has never been easier.

Improving customer experience.

The key to successful eCommerce.

The existing Magento 1 site not only needed to encompass the Magento 2 upgrade but required key changes to improve customer experience. Making the website easier for customers to use increases online sales and encourages returning customers.

After understanding more about the Tools & Timber product range it was clear they needed a sophisticated search function so that customers could narrow down their searches using advanced filters. This was particularly important as Tools and Timber not only sell their own inventory but also products from 60 other brands. Customers can now easily navigate through the large inventory to find the products they’re after, making the browsing experience much more positive.

Tools and Timber advanced search function

Key features

Tools & Timber’s new website utilises the power of Magento 2 by integrating these key features.

Theme Icon

Custom Content Builder

Our custom content builder allows easy in-house maintenance using a drag and drop editor. The website can be kept up-to-date without a headache.

CRM Integration

Custom CRM Integration

Ensuring the website and in-house systems communicate with each other is key. Accurate records of stock levels from both online and offline sales provide up-to-date information to both the Tools & Timber’s team and their customers.

Advanced Shipping

Personalised Shipping

Magento 2 sophisticatedly handles Shipper HQ. This provides customers with a smooth online buying experience with personalised and accurate delivery costs and details.

Allowing customers to personalise their experience.

Maximising experience with finer details

Another key feature of Tools & Timbers portfolio is gift voucher purchase. Magento 2 offers a solution to gift voucher that personalises the experience down to the finer details.

Following a step-by-step guide, customers are now able to generate their own personalised gift voucher. They can select their chosen value, write their own message and choose from pre-set designs or upload their own image. To complete the buying experience, gift cards are easily redeemed by applying a code in the online basket.

Built to outrank the competition

Google is constantly trying to recommend only the best websites to show users, so with the updated version of the site Tools & Timber skyrocketed in rankings.

SEO at its core

An optimised eCommerce site built to outrank the competition

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, a lot of the improvements came from the website design and build itself. Google is constantly trying to recommend only the best websites to show users, so with the updated version of the site Tools & Timber skyrocketed in rankings.

An example of this was optimising the URL, H1 tag and meta title to include a target keyword – like “Wood Carving Tools.” A simple change that resulted in achieving the 1st position in the organic rankings.

Natural backlinks to boost rankings


Tools and timber backlinks

Backlinking is the act of linking one website to another website. The best way to think of a backlink is as a vote. The more backlinks/votes you have, the higher you will rank.

As you can see on the far right of the image above, there are over 25,000 backlinks pointing to Most of these links were generated naturally from citations, helping give pages a boost in the rankings.

Tools and Timber Magento 2 upgrade

A better website, delivering tangible results

We deployed our team of web developers to bring this website into the modern age by improving the user interface. This resulted in a greatly improved user experience and higher search rankings, leading to more traffic and sales. Want to know how we can do the same for your business?

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