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Adobe Commerce (Magento) redesign and ongoing support for T-T Pumps

Reinventing technical B2B retail with a redesigned and upgraded Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) store. Pumping up their profile and helping them reach their goals with ongoing marketing and technical support.

T-T Pumps is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers, suppliers and installers of pumps, controls, valves and systems for liquid control, with a proud history dating back more than 60 years,.

Trusted around the world to deliver practical and economical solutions across six distinct company divisions, the company has a catalogue that includes thousands of highly technical products and variations – something which caused confusion on their old Magento 2 store, which had a clunky layout and was difficult to browse.

Our challenge was to complete overhaul their online presence, making it faster for B2B buyers to find the right solution for their needs – including quicker access to product specifications and datasheets.

After delivering an industry-leading site that outperforms the competition, we have gone on to become T-T’s long-term strategic partner, working with their internal team to help them achieve their goals.



increase in mobile page speed


increase in desktop page speed

Transforming the B2B ordering process for a fast return on investment.

A complete redesign that went way beyond just a visual overhaul, completely transforming the way buyers browse through the company’s huge catalogue and find the right solution for their needs.

A new kind of B2B buying experience

Simplifying the complex and making B2B ordering quick and intuitive.

T-T Pumps supplies highly technical products with complex specifications. Many items have multiple variations, each accompanied by detailed datasheets and specifications describing properties and operating specifications.

From the outset, it was vital to really take the time to fully understand the client’s unique product range, market and customer profile. This allowed us to ensure T-T’s online presence would set a new standard in the market and make it simpler and faster for customers to navigate their way through the products. We also wanted to craft an online experience that closely matches the look and feel of their branding and printed materials, successfully communicating their unparalleled industry knowledge and expertise.

Make an informed buying decision

A key aim for the initial redesign and upgrade was making it simpler for customers to access product information and locate the critical data they require to make the right purchasing decision. To achieve this, we completely redesigned the whole site and especially the product pages, which now include a detailed specification table that provides an at-a-glance view of product variations and specifications. In addition, customers can see real-time delivery availability information and have one-click access to downloadable datasheets, making it even easier to get the information they need.

In order to provide the most integrated B2B experience possible, we carefully designed the product data table to ensure it matches the layout and information found in T-T’s printed brochures. As you would expect, the table is fully mobile responsive and automatically adapts to the screen size, providing a great experience on all devices. 

The transformation went way beyond just a visual overhaul and included a number of technical improvements that allowed us to take the site speed to the next level. As you can see from the results below, these improvements make a big difference when it comes to the user experience, not to mention the conversion and SEO benefits.

Pumping up the experience


increase in mobile page speed


faster desktop page speed


First Contentful Paint (FCP)

Smart search function

Finding the right product for an application is now easier than ever thanks to the smart search function which provides real-time product recommendations, matching categories and links to useful buying guides and articles from the company’s extensive knowledge base. Simply start typing a keyword into the search box and a preview of matching products and pages is automatically show below. 

Land on a product page and the user is presented with all the information they need to quickly scan product variants and make a purchase decision to match their required specification. Take a look at the data table to see all the products available in an individual range, showing detailed spec data, real-time delivery availability status information and access to downloadable data sheets. 

Also on the product range is a detailed product description and an overview of features, frequently asked questions relating to the product, and an interactive gallery showcasing product photographs plus videos and data graphs where available. If the customer needs tailored help finding the right solution, T-T’s experts are only ever a click away.

Transforming their marketing and providing ongoing technical support

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of T-T’s in house team and continue to work closely with the client to provide ongoing support to help them achieve their goals.

At the beginning, our marketing team were tasked with increasing activity on their social platforms to increase following and engagement. We put together a robust strategy to enable their social channels to become a lead generation springboard for both online and offline conversion, utilising expert content creation to represent the company’s six distinct divisions, showcase their unparalleled expertise, and drive good quality traffic to the website.

Our deep understanding of the client’s business and product range means we are dab hands at creating engaging content spanning social posts, written case studies, news stories, product buying guides, how-to information pieces and more.

We’ve also proactively supporting the client with technical and website content updates. While the intuitive backend system makes for easy day-to-day content management and empowers the client to make changes and updates on the fly, we also assist in providing regular updates and changes. Our dedicated project management team are always on hand to help and proactively support the client.

Adobe Commerce (Magento), marketing and technical support.

Reinventing technical B2B retail.

Pumping up the experience and transforming the B2B buying processes for one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of pumping systems, valves and controls.

Magento Support Code

Custom product table

Making it simple to view complex product data and easily compare different versions.

Most products in T-T’s range have many different variations, each with differing specifications to match any need.

A key priority for product pages was to make it easy for the user to quickly view complex product data and make comparisons of different types. Select an individual product range and the user is presented with a clear table providing an overview of each product type together with a wealth of data to make it simple to choose the best version for your needs. For example, pick a submersible drainage pump and quickly view the amp/kW output, mm/inch discharge, maximum head capacity, weight and other technical data for each product version, making comparison easy.

The table also provides real-time delivery status information for each version together with downloadable data sheets, brochures and more.

Social Media Strategy and Management

Building a bigger, more engaged audience for lead generation.

We’ve worked closely with the client to develop a unique social media strategy to build engagement, drive traffic and reinforce T-T’s position as a market leader and expert in the field.

With a deep understanding of the client’s business, we generate a regular stream of user-focused content that illustrates the client’s values and USPs, with content crafted to build brand awareness, showcase projects and products, and demonstrate expertise. 

The result? Increased social following, an engaged audience and a steady flow of leads and traffic. Regular reporting helps the client understand the key metrics and identify opportunities for further improvement.

Magento Support Code

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