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Conversion testing

Take the guesswork out of conversion testing

Sometimes even the smallest changes to a website can have a huge impact on conversions. But how do you know what will truly perform best? It’s time to test, test and test again… The only way to deliver proven and sustainable growth.

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Testing is one of the most important parts of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), eliminating any guesswork from the equation and pathing the way to making data-driven decisions.

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Our in-house CRO experts use proven processes to drive incremental optimisations for sustainable and scalable growth. With correct testing, we can help you make proven optimisations that solve visitors pain points, unlock statistically significant improvements and deliver a better ROI from your existing traffic.

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As a digital agency, we deliver eCommerce, Magento and digital marketing services that drive conversions for businesses.

There are literally endless potential ways to boost optimisations on any given page or area of a website – but no two sites, businesses or audiences are ever the same. What you need to know is what really works for you.

CRO testing is an entirely data-driven process to uncovering the best conversion optimisations, eliminating any element of guesswork, gut feelings or ‘first instincts.’ It’s a proven process that enables us to see what works and, just as importantly, what doesn’t. No experiment is ever wasted – those failures help us to learn, improve and grow.

At Aware, testing is a cornerstone of the CRO process. We diagnose problems with your website and then come up with a data-backed hypothesis which can then be tested through A/B Tests, Multivariate Tests and Multi-Page Funnel Tests.

A/B Testing and Split URL Testing

A/B testing is a simple way of comparing two different versions of a web page using live traffic to reveal which version is more effective.


A/B testing compares a control version (original version) of a page vs a new version of a page, allowing us to test and sample things such as alternative text, images, UI and calls to action to see which elements unlock the best conversion rates.


Split URL testing is similar - but the changes sit on a separate URL, rather than being done dynamically through testing software.

Multivariate Testing (MVT)

Multivariate testing is similar to A/B testing but compares multiple variables simultaneously (e.g. text, colours, fonts and buttons), revealing how these variables interact with each other and which combination performs best.


Multivariate testing is used when you want to make multiple different changes on a page and test different combinations separately. It allows us to uncover the best combination of changes without needing to run multiple different A/B tests.

Multi-Page Testing

A type of testing where a sequence of pages are tested against each other, allowing us to test changes to different elements across multiple pages.


Multi-page testing enables us to create consistent experiences across your website. During testing, you can implement the same changes across different pages and ensure visitors don't see different variations as they navigate through your site.

Testing, done right

We use a range of proven, data-driven testing processes to help you reach your conversion goals. Our tried and tested methods can find and fix UX issues and help you unlock the best possible conversion rates throughout your website. It’s testing, done right.

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Our Testing Process


A comprehensive review and analysis of your website to find out how the website is currently performing, taking advantage of testing tools, heat mapping and session recording technologies to gain a true picture.


Taking the insights uncovered in the research stage and constructing a research-backed hypothesis to test. This stage is absolutely critical, directing the entire testing process.

Create Variations and Test

We create variations based on the hypothesis and then test them against the control (existing) version. Through real-world data, we start to build up an accurate picture.

Analyse and Adapt

We thoroughly analyse the results, with every outcome providing valuable learnings and used to direct future tests and optimisations. 

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