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Last week our Co-founder Andy Jones and Backend Developer Ryan Hissey attended Hyvä Camp 2022 in Aachen, Germany. The two-day event saw members of the Hyvä community come together in this picturesque German city to discuss all things Hyvä, Magento and eCommerce, including expert-led technical sessions, round-table discussions and inspiring thought leadership. 

Naturally, there was also the chance to socialise and network with other members of the Hyvä family. It’s safe to say that a great time was had by all, barring a slight mishap involving a missed train and unscheduled overnight stop in Brussels!

8 Things We Learned at Hyvä Camp 2022

Events like this are a fantastic way to come together to share knowledge and further strengthen what is already an amazing community. We’re really looking forward to the next one and can’t wait to see how Hyvä progresses while also playing a role in shaping that development.

Hyvä Camp 2022 might be over, but there was much to take away. Here are 8 key things we learned:

1. The Magento community is still alive and well

Hyvä is making people excited to use Magento again and the community behind it is sparking people to look into the platform. It really is a fantastic frontend that successfully brings together a winning combination of speed, flexibility and a first-rate developer environment.

2. Hyvä has already overtaken PWA

There are now more Hyvä builds out in the wild than there are Magento PWA’s (the default Magento PWA).

Hyvä scales just like a PWA, meaning people who are looking for a fast, simple and future-proof solution are now considering Hyvä. In many ways, it delivers the best of both worlds, offering superior cross-device experiences in a far simpler solution for faster times to market.

3. Magento will continue to underpin the Adobe Commerce platform

Magento will still underpin the Adobe Commerce platform for some time to come. Adobe have recognised that it is needed for the foreseeable future and have been working on a roadmap to help the community. 

We are incredibly excited for the future of Magento and Adobe Commerce and believe it continues to offer a market-leading omnichannel solution for B2C and B2B businesses around the globe. Plus, it’s even better with Hyvä.

4. Magewire checkout is coming soon

This will be a great addition to the Hyvä platform, allowing easier modification of the checkout, quicker development times and an improved approach to the way Magento checkout works.

It’ll be subscription based with plans to be announced, so stay tuned for further details.

5. Hyvä is often a better option than PWA

Choosing Hyvä now as a business makes complete sense over PWA if you don’t need an app or want to depend on only a single developer or development. 

It will give the business 5 to 8 extra years on the Magento platform and allow upgradability flexibility and easier development times going forward.

6. Thanks to Hyvä, there’s no need to use Shopify! 

Hyvä gives a new lease of life to Magento and makes it competitive on the web again, so there is no longer a need to use Shopify. 

Hyvä with Magento now gives you the scalability you need without the technical roadblocks that might block business practices.

7. Cypress provides fast, easy and reliable end-to-end testing

Cypress is a complete end-to-end testing framework for web test automation, enabling developers to write automated tests in Javascript – and it’s fully compatible with Hyvä. The use of JavaScript makes Cypress automation especially attractive to developers. 

In a deep-dive session, we discovered how Cypress can be used in our deployment pipelines, greatly simplifying the process of writing, running and debugging tests. 

8. Building reactive and dynamic interfaces with Magewire

We also looked at how Magewire can be implemented into different Magento Components and how quickly this can be done. 

Magewire is a Laravel Livewire port for Magento 2, allowing you to build modern, reactive and dynamic interfaces within Magento’s core layouts and templates. It was great to delve into this in detail through the workshop.

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