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Email marketing is a cornerstone of modern communication, connecting businesses with their audiences in a direct and personalized way.

Recently, both Google and Yahoo have announced new sender requirements that are set to enhance email security, reduce spam, and elevate the overall email experience for users.

If you’re a marketer, these changes may seem daunting, but fear not – we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide to help you understand, prepare, and navigate through these upcoming adjustments.

Understanding the Changes

  1. Timeline Matters:
    The enforcement date by Google is specifically set for February 1, 2024.
  2. Audience Considerations:
    Who needs to pay attention? Essentially, everyone – with extra attention for bulk senders, defined as those who dispatch 5,000 or more emails to Google accounts daily. It’s crucial to note that the threshold includes personal accounts ending in and, encompassing both marketing and transactional emails.

The Three Major Requirements for Bulk Senders

  1. DMARC Authentication:
    The first requirement involves setting up DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) authentication for your sending domain. While there’s no rush, it’s advisable to get ahead on this one. Configuring DMARC p=none is a great first step, providing a preliminary analysis of mail streams using your domain and paving the way for eventual DMARC enforcement.
  2. “From:” Header Alignment:
    Bulk senders are now required to have their own sending domain, disallowing the use of shared domains. Moreover, the “From:” header in your emails must align with your sending domain, ensuring compliance with DMARC alignment standards. Whether it’s a marketing or transactional email, this alignment is crucial for maintaining sender reputation.
  3. Streamlined Unsubscribing:
    Making unsubscribing easier and clearer is a two-fold requirement. Firstly, marketing emails must include a one-step method to unsubscribe. Secondly, an unsubscribe link must be present in the message body, even if it’s not necessarily a one-click process. A visible unsubscribe link ensures compliance and contributes to a positive sender reputation.

Requirements for All Senders

Even if you’re not regularly sending 5,000 messages a day, there are additional requirements for all email senders, aimed at maintaining a clean and secure email ecosystem.

  1. Keep Spam Rates Low:
    To safeguard deliverability, spam complaint rates must be kept under 0.30%. Utilizing Google’s Postmaster Tools is recommended to monitor and manage spam complaint rates effectively. This requirement provides clear guidelines and tools to maintain control over your sending reputation.
  2. No Gmail Header Impersonation:
    If your business is just starting and you use or in your “From:” address, be cautious. Starting February 1, 2024, these emails will likely end up in the spam folder. This requirement emphasizes the importance of having your own domain, providing an opportunity to build your brand’s reputation with inbox providers and customers.

Google’s Focus on Email Validation

Google’s emphasis on email validation stems from the need to ensure that the sender is who they claim to be. Authentication requirements have already been introduced, resulting in a 75% reduction in unauthenticated messages received by Gmail users. Now, these efforts are extended to bulk senders to close loopholes exploited by attackers.

New Requirements for Bulk Senders by February 2024

Google has outlined three new requirements for bulk senders to be implemented by February 2024, reflecting a commitment to a safer and more spam-free inbox experience.

  1. Email Authentication:
    Bulk senders are required to authenticate their emails following established best practices. This move aims to bolster email security, preventing attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities.
  2. Easy Unsubscription:
    Unsubscribing from commercial emails should be hassle-free. Bulk senders are mandated to provide Gmail recipients with the ability to unsubscribe in one click and process unsubscription requests within two days. These requirements, based on open standards, benefit users by simplifying the opt-out process.
  3. Maintaining a Low Spam Rate:
    To further combat spam, a clear spam rate threshold will be enforced. This innovative approach ensures that Gmail users receive fewer unwanted messages, setting a new industry standard for email providers.

Industry Collaboration and Ongoing Efforts

These changes are not only endorsed by industry partners, including Yahoo, but are also seen as essential for providing users with the safest and most secure email experience possible. Collaboration within the email community is emphasized, making these changes a collective effort to enhance email security, user-friendliness, and overall spam reduction.


As we approach a new era of email sender requirements, it’s essential to stay informed and prepared. The changes are designed to benefit everyone involved – from marketers to subscribers – by ensuring a cleaner, less spammy inbox, improved deliverability scores, and adherence to best email marketing practices.

By taking proactive steps and collaborating within the industry, we can collectively contribute to a more secure and efficient email ecosystem. Remember, these changes are a tune-up for the email world, and with ongoing collaboration, we can keep email running smoothly for years to come.

Next Steps

If you’re already managing your emails with a degree of carefulness towards best practice there’s no need to panic about these new guidelines as you’re most likely meeting the requirements already. In this case, it might just be a case of tightening up your unsubscribe methods and being more active in cleaning your account for non-engaged contacts.

If you’re concerned about the impact that this new guidance may have on your email activity, contact our team who will be more than happy to discuss your email marketing activity and help you successfully navigate your way through the coming months.

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