Benefits of a Web Retainer

Posted on: April 26, 2019

If you’ve been looking into having any kind of work done on your website, whether it be Development, UX or Seo. You may have seen references to a ‘web retainer’ on peoples sites or in their documents. Simply put, a web retainer is when a client agrees to pay an agency a certain amount of money each month in return for guaranteed work, time and dedicated account manager. But why is it worth the investment? How can your business benefit from a retainer?

Growth-Drive Design and Development

If your business is new to the online space, it can often prove more cost-effective and time-efficient to begin with a smaller less complex site. Custom Magento, Shopware and WordPress sites can result in a hefty spend especially for new businesses looking to minimise outgoings in their first year. Websites should always grow with the businesses demands and having a ready to launch website from day 1 is a huge benefit. You simply start with the necessities and build on it month by month, resulting in an evolved website.

Learning from users

Sites don’t always hit the mark with customers straight away. Collecting data from your website can result in changes to help funnel users to the correct locations. eCommerce or Brochure websites can be drastically modified over time using customer data, having an agency web retainer behind your business can help make these changes. Split testing, improved landing pages, speed enhancements and SEO. All features that can be implemented by having a retainer.

Keeping pace with Security

Digital technologies move fast. And so does security for websites. Patches for Magento usually come quarterly but, sometimes can come on random days. WordPress updates and bug fixes to stop hacks can come at any time. After-all WordPress is one of the Worlds leading Content Managed Systems. Keeping your business secure is a must. In a digital age where data needs to be kept private and sites kept secure, having a retainer to make sure plugins and core files are up to date is something every business should consider. Having a retainer will allow your agency to keep on top of these and let you know why you’re getting the upgrades you are.


Using your retainer for KPIs has many benefits. You can link your website to your business and tie it into your businesses KPIs. If your main focus for month 1 – 3 is increasing lead generation, you can ensure that any work reflects that. Allowing each page to have a clear call to action enabled on them and touch points clearly actioned.

A True Partnership

It’s in your support agency’s interest to provide reliable, high-quality customer service and retain you as a client which means managing the website in a way that delivers results in line with your business objectives.

The longer the agency is involved with your business, the more it learns about the specifics of your Company and operational model and can become an extended part of your team.

One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen is that our Clients can focus on their business whilst we diligently manage what for many is one of their most valuable marketing and sales assets, their website.

Considering a retainer?

Do you have a question about how to best manage your website on an ongoing basis? Our WordPress and Magento support retainers ensure that your ideas are executed fast, flawlessly, on time and within budget. Please get in touch with us to discuss your website project and how we could help.

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