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There are many online review management platforms available to retailers and service providers these days, with Trustpilot being one of the largest with over 500,000 new reviews posted to its network every month.

Your brand and Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a review platform open to everyone. Share your experiences to help others make better choices, and help companies up their game.

Trustpilot allows customers to leave feedback on products they may have purchased, experiences they have undergone and services that they’ve received from companies by leaving organic reviews and sharing star ratings publicly to help like-minded customers more informed on their purchasing decisions. It also helps businesses to improve their processes and even potential employees find out more about the company they aspire to work at.

Customers who are in the discovery phase of a product or service the reviews section is critical. On the whole, peer referrals convert far more effectively than corporate marketing messages and companies proactively and effectively utilising these reviews will see a big uplift in business if they offer a highly rated product or service.

Over the years Trustpilot has grown and begun to offer better integrations with other platforms, such as Magento. These integrations help to streamline the process for customers, providing the reviews as a widget or plugin on product and category pages as well as in search results on Google and Bing.

If your business decides to partner with a platform like Trustpilot you can get to know your customer’s needs and wants, improve your customer service and benefit from a whole range of features. Lets jump into them now, here are just a few…

Main features of Trustpilot

Easily collect reviews

Collating good customer reviews is essential for the platform, being proactive and seeking out feedback from your customers is the best way to start. By doing this you open your business up to criticism and work towards bettering your processes for current and future customers.

Leaving a review by a customer couldn’t be easier, Trustpilot makes it super easy to invite customers to leave a review of your business through emails, online responsive forms and more. Features such as an ‘Automated Feedback Service’ allows you to time delay messages, automate posts and grab further feedback with less time wasted.

Having the option to set the timescale before the review request is sent to suit your service or product exactly. The platform also allows for reminders and follow up emails to customers who have yet to respond.

Managing your reviews

Now you have all your automation setup and the reviews for your business are flying through the door, keeping on top of them is easy thanks to Trustpilot’s simple and easy to use interface.

Everything you do and your customers do are available for all the public to see. So managing and maintaining a regular presence on the platform is key to generating a more positive sentiment, increasing your business referrals and keeping the reviews more positive on the whole.

Addressing negative reviews can always be tricky, but its something you need to address on the platform, giving your customers the confidence and showing them that you’re trying to solve the issue at hand, rather than shying away from it. Customers can always edit their reviews after a resolution and add a more positive statement if they feel they’ve received a higher level of service.

Trustpilot’s also has an internal team and algorithm that checks for suspicious activity such as:

  • Multiple reviews submitted from the same IP address
  • Unusual patterns or spikes inactivity
  • Reviews from countries where products are not sold

Boost your SEO

Businesses looking to target review based keywords can often benefit from increased visibility in search results. This is thanks to reciprocal links from well-established review providers such as Trustpilot.

With tools like the built-in rich snippets feature in Trustpilot, you can pull through special features you think you’re customers will respond to. Some features include review stars and detailed product info. These provide more organic traffic to your website and products.

Multiple third-party integrations

Every business that signs up for a Trustpilot account will have their own profile. Each profile is hosted on Trustpilot where customers are able to view all the companies reviews and responses.

Trustpilot is used by many leading retailers and service providers across the United Kingdom and around the World. Trustpilot has seamless integrations with many popular platforms such as Magento and WooCommerce.

Benefits to your business

Each company will benefit differently depending on the sector and how proactive they are as a business, with their reviews. Ultimately the quality of your reviews and your responses will determine how your customers view your business. Some businesses could see a 25% uplift.

Rounding Up

It’s important to note that not all of these points will be applicable to every business and their online store.

To learn more about how to text your Trustpilot to the next level, contact one of our experts today.

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