10 Companies that Dominate Google Search in 2022

It’s both interesting and scary knowing which companies have a firm grasp on the world’s most popular search engine and the internet in general.

It’s worth keeping in mind 90% of online activities begin with a search engine and Google owns 70-75% of the search engine market share.

In this post, we’ll be covering the companies that dominate the Google search engine.

Website  Monthly Traffic
Wikipedia  14,800,000,000
YouTube  6,700,000,000
Amazon  2,277,050,000
Pinterest  1,800,000,000
Imdb  1,500,000,000
Fandom  1,200,000,000
Globo  489,000,000
Netflix  447,000,000
eBay  394,000,000
Reddit  249,000,000

1. Wikipedia

Monthly Google Search Traffic: 14,800,000,000

Wikipedia dominates the internet with well over 14 billion visitors per month from Google organic search alone. This is thanks to Wikipedia’s in-depth content style, allowing it to rank on Google for broad terms such as ‘Euro’, ‘Coffee’, ‘bar’, ‘Donald Trump’, ‘ice cream’ and much more.

Within these Wikipedia pages, there are lots of internal links to other relevant pages, making users spend more time on its vast content rich pages.

Who uses Wikipedia?

People who are looking for information on a person, location, product, service, hobby and more are using Wikipedia. It’s a huge content hub that aims to give as much information as possible about the search term you entered into Google.

2. Youtube

Monthly Google Search Traffic: 6,700,000,000

It’s no surprise YouTube is on this list. Yes, many of its users come from the app and browser search function. But it still gains a lot of clicks from Google searches. One of the reasons is because YouTube is owned by Google, however, that’s only the tip of the iceberg for its popularity.

YouTube completely dominates the Google search results for “How to” searches. Think about it, if you want to understand how to tie a tie, a video tutorial will make it much easier to understand than a written article.

Some of its most popular searches are its brand “YouTube”, “Movies”, “videos” and popular YouTubers such as “Mr Beast” as well as celebrities.

YouTube is the fastest growing search engine in the world thanks to millennials preferring video content over written content, studies have revealed.

3. Amazon

Monthly Google Search Traffic: 2,277,050,000

Another company that won’t surprise you to be on this list is, of course, Amazon. The giant rules the eCommerce Kingdom. 

Amazon dominates the Google search results for its own brand which brings in hundreds of millions of users each month, as well as “nails”, “office chair”, “treadmill”, “keyboard”, “hat” and the list goes on forever.

Amazon gets over 2 billion searches per month collectively through all of its online stores. The incredible thing is, these searches are nearly all commercial intent searches. People are ready to buy.

One of the ways Amazon built such a huge customer base is affiliate marketing. This is where others will promote your product in return for a commission. When you Google search something like “best protein powders”, a lot of the websites that show up will be websites that link to Amazon.

Many marketers that promote Amazon have since abandoned the giant because of commissions constantly being reduced. Amazon used to give a 10% commission and now the average commission is 3%.

Making it difficult for anyone to make money with the giant.

4. Pinterest

Monthly Google Search Traffic: 1,800,000,000

Pinterest has been able to dominate Google search thanks to its image based search engine. If you’re looking for ideas and cool drawings, Pinterest is the place to be.

It receives a lot of searches for “cute wallpapers”, “bedroom ideas”, “easy drawings”, “funny pictures, “braids” and much more.

If you’re searching for something visual, chances are you will end-up on Pinterest. 

Who uses Pinterest?

77.1% of Pinterest users are female. 32% of Pinterest users are 18-29 years old and 34% of Pinterest users are 30-49 years old. 89% of users are on Pinterest for purchase inspiration. Source.

Pinterest caters to both young and older females looking for more information on a type of product they wish to purchase such as home decor. 

5. Imdb

Monthly Google Search Traffic: 1,500,000,000

Imdb is all about movies, TV shows and celebrities. They review and update you about celebrity stories. 

Imdb ranks on Google for popular search terms such as celebrity names like Scarlett Johannson and Tom Holland. They also rank for popular searches such as “movie”, “Joker”, “independence Day” and other movies.

Even though Imdb is movie and celeb industry specific, it still receives a whopping 1.5 billion Google searches per month.

6. Fandom

Monthly Google Search Traffic: 1,200,000,000

Fandom is all about movies, TV shows, games and character inspection. Fandom separates itself from other movie/TV show websites because it receives a  lot of its traffic from specific characters.

This includes “Thanos”, “baby Yoda”, “Deku”, “Broly”, “Hisoka” and much more. If you didn’t recognise some of these names, it’s because they’re from anime TV shows (Japanese animated TV shows).

In fact, many of Fandom’s received Google searches come from anime based search terms. Showing how mainstream anime has now become.

7. Globo

Monthly Google Search Traffic: 489,000,000

Globo is a Brazilian dominated website, receiving most of its searches from Brazil and Portuguese language dominated countries.

Globo is a news website, talking about any topics out there. Whether that’s celebrity news, sports or any story they can pick up.

Receiving over 480 million users per month from the Google search results.

8. Netflix.com

Monthly Google Search Traffic: 447,000,000

If you’ve been living under a rock, Netflix is a streaming service and one of the most popular. Receiving over 440 millions Google searches per month.

This is thanks to Netflix ranking on Google for popular movie/TV shows such as “Naruto”, “Round 6”, “Stranger Things”, “Squid Game” and much more.

Netflix’s popularity on the Google search engine comes from ranking for movies and TV shows.

9. eBay

Monthly Google Search Traffic: 394,000,000

eBay’s popularity is similar to Amazon, it ranks on Google for many product search terms. One of the types of searches eBay dominates for is “used”. For example, “Pixel 2 used”, “used golf carts”, “used Nintendo Switch” etc.

Receiving just shy of 400 million Google searches per month from all of its international websites combined. 

10. Reddit

Monthly Google Search Traffic: 249,000,000

Claiming to be the front page of the internet, Reddit is a huge forum. Its bread and butter is user generated content. Receiving a highly respectable 249 million searches per month.

This is thanks to Reddit ranking on Google for informational intent search terms. Reddit is a great place to ask questions and receive answers. It’s worth bearing in mind that not all answers are helpful, but it is user generated content.

You’ll find plenty of memes here and it’s a place to easily spend so much of your time thanks to its entertaining content.

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