How to Find the Magento Image Path URL – Developer’s Guide

In this developer support guide we look at category image paths in Magento 2. There appears to be either a bug or an oddity in the way Magento 2 stores images against categories. There are 3 types of image path that may be returned from a category. These are:

1. The image name

This does not include path information and typically will be from attributes added in third party modules. The full base path and image path needs to be prepended to get the full path of the image.

2. The image path from ‘/media’

This includes the relative path from the media folder and does not include ‘pub’.

3. The image path from ‘/pub’

This includes the full relative path from the root directory.

Magento’s core code checks for whether its path starts with a slash to determine what path modifications need to be made to get the full image path. 

The Fix

Here’s how to account for category image path behaviour in Magento 2:

There you have it, a useful helper to manage category image paths Magento 2.

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