Highlights from Meet Magento UK 2022

It was great to attend this year’s Meet Magento UK, held again as an in-person event for the first time since 2019. Read more about our key highlights from the day and the many developments in the world of Adobe Commerce and Magento.

Meet Magento UK 2022

Meet Magento UK is the largest community hosted event of its kind in the UK, bringing together Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source merchants, developers and technology partners to share expertise and showcase ideas.

After two years being held as a virtual event thanks to Covid, Meet Magento UK 2022 was back in its home at The Mermaid in London, a lovely venue right in the heart of the city.

Most of all, it was fantastic being able to meet people in person again and chatting face to face. Magento has a truly fantastic community behind it (one of the things we love most about it!), so talking about the many exciting things that are happening at the moment was pretty special.

As well as networking, the day was packed with fantastic speakers who shared insights on some great topics.

Highlights from Meet Magento UK 2022

PayPal Panel: Getting the Goldilocks ‘Just Right’ Checkout Experience

The checkout is one of the most important parts of any eCommerce store. Get the checkout right and you’ll convert more of your visitors into buyers. Get it wrong and you’ll frustrate users, making them click away and abandon their cart quicker than you can say Jack Robinson!

In this panel discussion with PayPal, ShipperHQ, Omniconvert and Bargain Max, we explored how to ensure the best possible checkout experience. How can you give customers choice without clutter? How do you strike that balance between too little and too much?

Essentially, it’s all about making it simple for the customer.

Easy shipping options are super important. If you can, also slim down your payment methods. Two or three is more than enough if you know your customer base. 

Easier and Safer Adobe Commerce Upgrades

Regular store upgrades are essential for ensuring maximum performance, stability and security of your store, amongst other things.

Sergii Ivashchenko, Software Development Engineer at Adobe, talked in depth about how to ensure easier and safer Adobe Commerce upgrades, including the toolset for estimating and preparing the codebase for upgrade. This includes the Upgrade Compatibility Tool, Magento PHPStorm plugin and other third party tools.

He also delved into some of the processes and core changes that are happening to improve future upgrade experiences. 

Building Developer Experience: the Hyvä Toolbox

It’s no secret that we love Hyvä here at Aware, so it was great to attend this talk by Willem Wigman at Hyvä Themes, who delved into how developer tools can reduce the time to launch substantially.

Willem Wigman spoke about how Hyvä is helping developers get their job done more quickly and with more enjoyment – a win, win for everyone from developers to the end client. As big fans of Hyvä, this is something we can certainly testify to!

Bringing the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to Experiences with Adobe Sensei

There’s no doubt that AI is going to play an increasingly important role in eCommerce, helping us understand and give customers exactly what they want.

Sakshi Bissa from Ranosys spoke about how Adobe Sensei is beneficial for both developers and merchants, including how AI with Magento is being used to enhance the customer experience. 

Live Search and Product Recommendations are something we use extensively in our Magento builds and we look forward to seeing how this technology continues to progress.

All in all, we really enjoyed our day at Meet Magento UK and look forward to seeing you all again next year!

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