Magento Commerce becomes Adobe Commerce - Find out more

Magento Commerce is now Adobe Commerce, bringing the platform in line with Adobe’s other solutions like Adobe Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud. So, what’s in a name? Find out more about the rebrand and what it means for you.

The short version: Adobe has announced that Magento Commerce is now Adobe Commerce. It will continue to be the same feature-rich, scalable and user-friendly platform you know and love – but rebranded to Adobe Commerce to bring it in line with other Adobe products like Adobe Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud.

May 2018 marked a major milestone in the history of Magento when it officially became part of the Adobe family. Since the acquisition, Adobe has continued to develop the Magento platform, cementing its position as the world’s most robust, flexible, and scalable eCommerce solution.

Although Magento has been under Adobe ownership for a number of years now, the announcement of the name change to Adobe Commerce marks the beginning of an exciting next chapter in the Magento story, bringing even more opportunities for retailers to grow and thrive.

Magento is Now Adobe Commerce

Magento has long been recognised as a leader in eCommerce. Continual development and the rollout of new features have allowed it to stay ahead of competitors, offering a feature-rich and hugely scalable solution to B2C and B2B businesses around the world.

Since the acquisition of Magento, Adobe has made great strides in accelerating the product roadmap, drawing on its huge resources and expertise to invest in innovation and find better ways to serve customers across every industry. 

The renaming of Magento Commerce to Adobe Commerce is a logical next step in the Magento story, bringing together the Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud into a single brand called Adobe Commerce.

What does it mean?

Magento Commerce, the licensed version of Magento, will now be called Adobe Commerce. It should be noted that Magento Open Source, the non-licensed version (previously known as Community Edition), will keep its existing name.

While you’ll start noticing the Adobe logo replacing the Magento logo in places like the dashboard and admin area, the important thing to remember is that it’s still the same feature-rich, scalable and user-friendly platform you know and love – but rebranded to Adobe Commerce to bring it more in line with other Adobe products.

As a certified Magento partner with over 10 years’ experience of working with it, we’re excited for the future of Adobe Commerce and will continue to support the platform as normal. We believe the change is a logical step in the Magento story and we’re looking forward to seeing how Magento (sorry, Adobe Commerce!) continues to develop and evolve over the next few years. 

We expect Adobe Commerce to continue to offer the powerful market-leading B2C and B2B solutions it always has, but with even more exciting new features and integrations that will ultimately help our customers grow and thrive in an ever-changing digital world.

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