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Meet Magento UK heads online for charity

Just after easter weekend, Meet Magento UK announced that they were making the decision to take the UK’s largest Magento event outside of Adobe, online! and what’s more, they’ll be making it charitable.

With eCommerce being needed now more than ever, keeping normality for customers who are self-isolating is critical, it also keeps partners and the community up to date and inspired to help merchants who might be struggling at this present time.

Being part of the Magento community is like no other in the industry, thats why it’s important to support the community whatever its decision. And we think it’s absolutely great that the leads of Meet Magento UK have made this decission.

We’ve been a part of the Magento community for 10 years, we know it’s a community like no other in our industry. We know that we have the ability to all come together and do our part for the people who will have been disproportionally effected by the COVID-19 crisis. 

We’ve worked with Magento for nearly 10 years now and we know it’s a thriving community, that’s why we went along to last years Meet Magento 2019 and we’ll also be getting tickets for the online one this year.

Which Charities?

100% of proceeds from Meet Magento UK 2020 will be going towards the great work these charities are doing in the current climate. 

Age UK


Clifton Community

Meet Magento kick-started donations with £5,000 between those charities! You can also get involved too by simply registering for a free ticket, with an optional donation to The Trussell Trust. 

It’s time to all come together and involve people who’ve been affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

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