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Increasing your sites outreach, readers and audience is one of the main reasons for having quality content. And having great quality content for readers and search engines, content promotion is easily just as important.

Getting your content out there to more readers is pivotal to growing and engaging new audiences. Because of this we have some simple tips to help promote your content to get it out to the rest of the web.


One of the best ways to reach people is through a mailing list. It’s a great channel for reaching large percentage of your follows. If people are opting in to hear from you, they’re more than likely to open, click and engage with your content and what you’ve sent. There are lots of ways to send emails out, including Dotmailer, Mailchimp and more.

They have lots of pre-build templates, which allow for engaging content and visual emails for customers to be engaged with.

Commenting on blogs

Commenting on relevant blog posts is a great way to build relationships with other websites and blogs. Making sure you stick within your niche. Also make sure you research around the web to find top posts and blogs in your niche and start commenting on with relevant information. This will help make other sites and readers aware of your presence on the web and even your customers.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are industry’s experts, offering insights into products for people. They’re the people who have large audiences and a large outreach to audiences you currently don’t have access to.

Building relationships with people like this, is another way to build up audiences and effectively market your brand or product line to a new customer base that you might not have had access to previously. If you plan right, you can actually include the influencer as part of your content creation, and doing something as simple as using a quote or tagging them in the post or content, so they can share it with their audience too.

Paid adverts

Got the budget to pay for advertising? You can boost your traffic through paid advertising. Adwords by Google allows you to promote your site on Google Search and their display networks. If you plan on doing this, it is always good to research or even speak to a company about Pay Per Click, as it can be tricky to get the right keywords or navigate the online interface.

Different social networks like, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook have their own advertising platforms to help with traffic to your site. Again these will be paid for solutions.

Guest Posting

Your content doesn’t just have to exist on your current site. Using guest posting, you can create unique content for other sites with a related audience but with a wider reach.

Guesting posting can be really powerful tactic to build your sites authority and expand your audience online. Guest posting, like most relationship building can be intensive work, but if you post to the right places the reward can be very powerful!

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