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With so many eCommerce platforms out there it can be difficult for people to choose the best one for their business needs. At aware we don’t just specialise in one eComerce platform, we help guide you in the direction of the most suitable one for you and business. Saying this let’s take a look at an open source platform with the freedom to realise your online business potential, Shopware.

What is Shopware

Shopware was started by two brothers in 2000. With the company not only focusing on quality software but wanting to be the industry leader for eCommerce. Shopware has grown into a global community with 80,000 plus satisfied customers! Yes 80,000.

Although Shopware has grown into the great company it is now, they still have sight of their founding principles. Shopware is meant to inspire! Animate and take your business to the next level.

“Our mission is to revolutionise digital trade and create trendsetting eCommerce solutions for our global community.”


With different plans for any business size, Shopware will have you covered from B2B to B2C with over 3,500 extensions it’s a powerful platform to consider.

Why Shopware?

While we can’t say if Shopware is the right fit for you reading this we can highlight things that we at aware love about the platform. To Shopware people are important. Their open source philosophy giving valuable feedback, which in return helps make Shopware more diverse to help meet the needs of its community. And its merchants using it.

Intuitive to use

Using Shopware, you can fully devote yourself to the core parts of your business. The backend of Shopware has been carefully structured to simplify work flow to help save time and increase productivity. And with its admin feel allowing merchants to feel as though it is a simple extension of their business tools.

State-of-the-art technology

Shopware has a high-end software architecture benefitting from PHP 7, Elasticsearch and an open API to allow truly amazing applications. So be ready for the future of React Web Applications! Just what aware is beginning to focus on.

Open and Adaptable

With an open template basis Shopware is completely customisable. Using and open source platform will allow your business to have the options to make a store that’s more attractive for clients and 100% your own. Shopware is constantly being expanded and updated with innovative new features to keep you up to date with the latest eCommerce trends and security fixes to help your shop stay secure.

Short time-to-market

Getting your product to market quickly is a valuable resource. Shopware can help you get there quickly, it has no limitations and allows you to achieve getting your products online quickly and easily.

Shopware Enterprise.

As part of Shopware Enterprise, multi solutions have been designed and developed for the larger eCommerce stores. Helping to realise both B2B and B2C business processes all within one solution. No need for extra work. Shopware have enabled cross-channel sales solutions that makes it possible for marketplace models to be implemented alongside the traditional requirements of eCommerce.


Unbeatable total cost of ownership

The Shopware Enterprise Edition already offers a full range of functions in the standard version and enables an unbeatable total cost of ownership in a direct market comparison. Thanks to the modular design, implementation costs can also be kept comparably low, allowing quicker design and build times, for a Shopware store.

Extemely short time to market

Shopware Enterprise provides a consistent, well-designed solution, that through its high functionality enables an extremely short “time to market” for your project. Multiple stores can be created using this standard model, resulting in significant reductions in Shopware project development times and costs. And we all know that costs matter for any merchant.

Scalability at its core.

Shopware Enterprise is highly extensible and scalable system designed to meet the highest performance requirements. Shopware modular platform enables a high degree of customisation to implement even the most complex eCommerce store and guarantees stability and performance at all times.

Is Shopware right for you.

If you think Shopware is right for you or want some more info advice on any eCommerce solution just get in touch with us here at Aware Digital. We’ll be happy to help get your next project underway be it Shopware or something different.

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