Is Stoke on Trent A Good Place to Learn Digital Marketing

Stoke on Trent has over 20 marketing agencies. These agencies are expanding their client base and their team. With a growing portfolio and case studies to show off. 

It’s a diverse place with lots of opportunities.

In this post, I’ll be going over 3 reasons why Stoke on Trent is a great place to progress your digital marketing career.


Go on job seeking websites such as Reed, Total Jobs and LinkedIn, there are various companies looking for digital marketers. This includes social media executives, Technical SEOs, PPC managers, Facebook ad specialists, assistants and more.

Companies are always boarding on new clients and as a result, require more staff. There’s no shortage of businesses looking for talent.

It’s in the middle of the UK

Stoke on Trent is in Staffordshire which borders Leicestershire and Leicestershire is the centre of England. So chances are that getting to Stoke isn’t too far away from you. And if you move to Stoke, you’re not at the other end of the country. Other cities are still a reasonable distance from you.


Stoke on Trent is one of the cheapest places to live in the UK. You’ll be paying a reasonable price for a reasonable property. Rent is sky high in Stoke compared to a lot of other cities. Stoke is a small city with lots of factories and warehouses, naturally, a lot of housing has been built to cater for its growing population.

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