How to Choose the Right eCommerce Agency

So, you’re looking for an eCommerce agency to create a new website or revamp your existing one. The trouble is, how do you decide who to go with? Does the agency you are considering really have your best interests at heart, or are they just trying to make a quick sale?

With every agency claiming to be the ‘best’ option (in truth, there are always pros and cons to each), deciding which one is right for your business can be a difficult task. Here are some of the main factors to consider…

1. Previous portfolio

A good starting point is to look over the agency’s portfolio and see some examples of their previous projects.

You should soon get a feel for the quality of their work and how well they might know your industry. This is where it can really help to look for a specialist eCommerce agency, rather than one that just builds online stores alongside other websites.

2. Long-standing clients

Loyal clients are a surefire sign of an agency that provides a high level of service. It stands to reason that a great eCommerce agency will have many happy, long-standing customers.

This is particularly important if you will be requiring ongoing support and maintenance. You’ll want to be sure the agency is always there to support you when you need it most.

3. They listen to your ideas

When you start talking to an agency, you should soon get a feel for whether they’re the right ‘fit’ and whether you’ll actually enjoy working with them (important!).

A good eCommerce agency understands that nobody knows your business better than you do. They should listen carefully to your ideas and take the time to properly understand your goals and vision before coming up with a solution.

Following on from this, they should also…

4. Have their own ideas

While it’s important that the agency listens to what you have to say, you also don’t want an agency that just says ‘yes’ to everything.

A good eCommerce agency will use their specialist digital expertise, experience and knowledge to advise you on the best route to take – and hopefully bring some exciting ideas to the table along the way.

It’s about having open conversations and utilising each other’s expertise to achieve the best possible outcome. That’s what we all want, right?

5. They offer marketing support

It’s all very well having a fantastic website that provides a first-rate user experience. If you really want your business to go places, it’s important to also think about things like SEO and marketing

After all, it’s no good having a fancy website if nobody can find you on Google! The right digital marketing strategy and implementation can really work wonders when it comes to helping your eCommerce business grow.

6. They understand the long game

eCommerce isn’t just a case of building a high-quality store and leaving you to get on with it…

A good agency knows that eCommerce is a long-term game and understands that ongoing support and maintenance is just as important as any initial design and development work.

If you want to be certain that somebody will always be on hand to support your journey and deal with the ‘unexpected,’ you’ll want to choose an agency that strives to build long-term strong relationships and partnerships. 

Okay, we think we’re all of those things…

You probably guessed where this was heading!

As a specialist eCommerce agency, Aware firmly believes we’re the right partner to support your journey and help you achieve your goals – whatever they might be.

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